TikTok's Genius Vertical Shoe Storage DIY Is Perfect For Your Entryway

Shoe storage often poses a dilemma, particularly for those in compact living spaces. It's all too easy for shoes to become cluttered in entryways or, worse, damaged from being crammed together in tight spots. Many space-efficient storage solutions boast minimal footprints by cleverly using vertical space, making them ideal for small mudrooms, entryways, and near doorways. This is precisely what TikTok user @woodshopdiaries did, creating tidy shoe storage by making DIY vertical shoe shelf, measuring 12 inches deep, 24 inches wide, and 48 inches tall. Her design includes slotted shelves for work boots, posts for boots, and several solid shelves for other shoes and sneakers.

This DIY project is not only cheap but also beginner-friendly! You'll only need two 1x12-foot boards and an 11 1/4-inch diameter dowel rod. However, the beauty of DIY is the flexibility to tailor it to your needs and tastes. For example, if slotted shelves aren't necessary for your collection, opt for solid shelves throughout. Similarly, you can adjust the number of rods or eliminate them altogether, depending on how many boots you need to store. Experiment with the finishes as well; for instance, opt for a paint color that matches your entryway or your favorite wood stain.  It's all about creating a solution that works best for your space and shoe storage needs.

How to DIY a vertical shoe storage

To begin, cut your board into three pieces: a 48-inch board for the back, a 47 and 1/4-inch board for the divider, and a 24-inch board for the bottom. You can alter the height and depth of your board to your liking. For instance, if you have the vertical space, why not make yours taller? Once you've decided on the dimensions, cut and sand these pieces. Locate the center of the back piece and attach the divider; make sure you leave a 3/4-inch gap at the bottom, where you'll attach the bottom piece. Screw the divider to the back piece, followed by the bottom piece. You can begin painting the main structure before adding shelves and rods.

For the shelves, @woodshopdiaries crafted three solid shelves (8 inches apart) on the left and two slotted ones on the right. Depending on your needs, include more shelves by reducing the spacing. You can also install them slanted instead of flat for a style choice. To make slotted shelves, cut slots just wide enough for the boot soles to slip through but not fall out. Finally, measure and cut the dowel rods to accommodate your boots' height and secure them to the bottom of the shelf. Alternatively, install them horizontally by screwing the dowels to the divider instead of the bottom. If you have the space, you can create several pieces — one for each member of the family — and place them side by side