Add Extra Storage To A Small Bedroom With This IKEA TRONES Bedside Table Hack

IKEA renowned for its innovative, multi-functional pieces. For instance, the IKEA BEKVAM spice rack is the go-to piece if you want to revolutionize your kitchen cabinet storage and easily add storage around the house. Another is the IKEA KALLAX, which is touted as the most versatile piece in the store. Joining the list is the IKEA TRONES. The IKEA TRONES is a space-efficient, wall-mountable cabinet. Though originally a shoe cabinet, its potential extends far beyond. For instance, lady.upgrade demonstrated on Instagram how she repurposed IKEA TRONES into a chic floating bedside table.

The TRONES excels as a bedside table thanks to its recessed top, which is ideal for holding essentials like keys, phones, and wallets, or even decorative items like lamps and vases. Additionally, its slim profile means it takes up minimal floor space, making it a perfect fit for small bedrooms. So if you don't have the floor space but enough vertical space beside your bed, go ahead and use this furniture as your bedside table — as a plus, it gives you that extra storage you didn't know you needed.

Other ways the IKEA TRONES can be used in your small bedroom

The modular nature of the IKEA TRONES offers incredible versatility for various spaces in your home. You can pair two units to create a more expansive nightstand. If you have two beds, you can also combine pieces and place them between the beds. If you don't have the floor space for the piece, you can stack several pieces and place them at the head of your bed as the perfect headboard, like what thepilkstersfirsthome did. It doesn't have to be connected to your bed, either. You can also place a few units and set your TV at the center to turn it into a minimalist media unit. You can also turn the entirety of your kid's wall into storage by stacking and mounting several pieces of the IKEA TRONES along the wall. Not only does it give you additional storage space for all their toys, but you also have extra floor space for them to run and tumble around.

The utility of TRONES extends beyond living spaces and bedrooms. In the kitchen, you can use it to keep your produce fresh and organized. You can also turn it into a small bar if you're short on bar space. The possibilities with the IKEA TRONES are virtually endless, limited only by your imagination and space. Whether in a single room or across your entire home, the TRONES can be a game-changer in organizing and optimizing your living spaces.