The Easy Shoe Storage Solution For Your Entryway That's Both Stylish And Smart

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Imagine you get home after a long day, juggling groceries and bags, with kids or a bustling family in tow. The last thing on your mind is meticulously arranging your footwear in a cabinet. You'd rather kick off your shoes and sink into the couch. But what if there were a stylish and smart solution to this chaos?

Fashion and lifestyle blogger Lee Anne Benjamin has the answer. In an example of how to use baskets in your home for stylish storage, she keeps her kids' shoes in wicker baskets, adding a touch of rustic charm to the entryway while keeping her living space nice and tidy.

Proper footwear storage isn't just about aesthetics, though; it's essential for maintaining hygiene and prolonging the life of your shoes. Stashing them in wicker baskets prevents dirt and grime from spreading across your floors, keeping your home cleaner and healthier for your family.

Options for entryway footwear storage

Whether wicker, rope, or wood, any basket is probably good enough for tossing your footwear in, as long as it's large enough to accommodate various styles (if you're going with wicker, you can fit it with a liner to prevent your shoes from snagging on the material while catching dirt and debris).

Some great finds include Deco 79's Seagrass Handmade Large Woven Storage Basket ($38.24 on Amazon), Threshold's Round Vintage French Tall Wicker Basket ($45 at Target), and Ikea's short round VÄXTHUS basket ($36.99). Alternatively, you can always create affordable shoe storage by repurposing one you already own.

Whatever you choose, you can put it on a console or shelf or set it directly on the floor. You can also combine it with a range of other solutions, like shoe racks that will make your mudroom more organized than ever, from statement pieces to a single bench that doubles as extra storage.

Tips for neatly organized footwear

To maintain order in your entryway, establish a routine for shoe storage. Encourage family members to deposit footwear in its designated basket immediately upon entering the home. Even young children should be capable of participating, which will help cultivate independence and good organizational habits. Consider giving everyone their own basket to prevent mix-ups, and ensure that everyone's shoes are properly stored at the end of each day or week to keep things organized and prevent overaccumulation.

Regularly declutter your footwear collection by purging shoes that are worn out or no longer needed. Rotate seasonal footwear to ensure that only the essentials occupy prime storage space. Invest in shoe cleaning supplies to keep your footwear looking its best and prolong its lifespan. By implementing these simple strategies, you can keep footwear-related chaos at bay and enjoy a clutter-free entryway that welcomes you and everybody else home in style while also being functional.