TikTok's Genius Painting Hack Is A Game Changer For Home Renovations

Painting trim seems like an impossible task. Beyond being so based on precision, it's a time-consuming act that can take hours — if not days — to get done correctly. And if it's your first time, trust us, we feel your pain. Sometimes, it can feel like all the best tips for painting trim in the world won't help. Even blue paint won't always save you from spills or crooked lines. What's a homeowner (or apartment renovator) to do? Go down a rabbit hole on TikTok, of course.

We searched far and wide and found what just might be the perfect remedy to the blues that accompany having to paint trim. Besides your painting tools, you only need a drywall scraper. A TikTok user called fabianmendozared makes this look like a piece of cake. Once your tools are ready to go, simply hold your drywall scraper right along your baseboard, blocking your wall, and then slide it alongside your paintbrush. This easy method of painting isn't just drip-free; it's perfect for precision.

Ensure your scraper is wide enough so this can work all across your home. Regarding corners, it's still best to take it slow to avoid accidentally getting paint on a bordering corner. Also, remember that this hack only covers the top of the baseboard, so having a plastic painting tarp on your floors is definitely recommended.

More on perfecting your baseboards

Beyond having a precision method to make the job easier, having the proper supplies is absolutely vital, and it starts with the right trim paint. The difference between regular paint and trim paint is the latter usually has a satin, semi-gloss, gloss, or high-sheen and enamel finish that's resistant to moisture. It often comes pre-tinted in a bright white tone or other typical base colors resistant to yellowing and sagging over time. Of course, you could use regular paint, but alongside the other benefits of trim paint, it also naturally self-levels, ensuring your paint job always looks a bit more professional. No matter how many times you go over your baseboards, the brush strokes will fade.

Preparing your wooden trim is also integral to a beautiful baseboard paint job. After gathering materials of your choice, wash your wood flooring, but beware of cloth rags, as they can make a shiny floor dull and vice versa. Here, you can use a laundry detergent substitute as an excellent cleaner. Be sure to wash your trim, as well. Completely clean one section from the bottom up, then rinse and move on to the next. As grime builds, change your solution often.

Now, it's time to sand all your surfaces. For gummy wallpaper, "clog-resistant" sandpaper is your best option. Scrape away any loose paint from old jobs, clean out any tough crevices, and fill any holes or cracks with spackle, and you're ready to paint.