Our Color Expert Says These Are The Best Color Combinations For A Modern Shower

Bathrooms are one of the places that homeowners are investing in when it comes to renovating. Stylish showers seem to be the centerpiece of these aesthetically pleasing and highly functional rooms. With plenty of options for tiles, there are nearly endless ways to customize a shower. "Often the place we begin and end our day, our bathrooms have become a space to curate rest, joy and comfort," Ashley Banbury, Color Marketing Manager at HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams, says in an exclusive interview with House Blog. "While neutrals remain an important fixture in today's interior trends, we are also seeing more saturated hues being incorporated to create interest and depth." All-white bathrooms have given way to warmer neutrals that have more life in them. Saturated, moody colors have also grown in popularity in recent years.

Neutrals have the benefit of pairing with a variety of colors, making them a great base for a bathroom. Conversely, saturated colors are better for bolder designs, and make a bigger visual impact, especially when paired with other vibrant shades. There are plenty of ways to incorporate color in a shower space through various tiles and even paint. Banbury explains the colors that would create the perfect relaxing modern shower.

Warm bold shades

Bold shades that add some warmth to the bathroom have gained popularity as a color trend. That's exactly why Ashley Banbury suggested them for the shower. "For a truly modern shower space, incorporate energizing hues like Persimmon (HGSW6339) on the walls and paintable spaces around a warm cream or neutral tiling pattern to create a colorful contour," Banbury says in an exclusive interview with House Blog. Persimmon is a warm, dusty orange color that's part of the Renewed Comfort collection. Add Persimmon to a bathroom shower by painting the ceiling over the area, the wall above the shower tile, or the walls just outside the shower.

Banbury suggests pairing Persimmon with cream or other neutral-colored tiles. Cream zellige tile adds a modern handcrafted look and allows the bold hue of Persimmon to shine. Cream subway tiles will add a timeless appeal, but you can make this classic option look more modern by opting for a slimmer version, such as a 4-by-12-inch or 4-by-16-inch option. Neutral tiles also aren't your only option. Persimmon's warm natural tone also lends it to pairing well with shades of green, such as hunter or sage, and navy or lighter shades of blue. This is especially a great option if you're looking to maximize color in your bathroom.

Neutrals and nature for relaxation

Many homeowners want their bathroom to be a space for relaxation. Since color can affect mood, choose the right hues to surround yourself in the bathroom. If softer colors are more of your aesthetic, Ashley Banbury has another option. "Or, for a spa-like feel, pair warm neutrals like Softer Tan (HGSW6141) or Pearly White (HGSW7009) around bolder hues like mossy greens and shadowy blues to inspire a soothing and grounded oasis," Banbury says in an exclusive interview with House Blog. Softer Tan is a comforting neutral that has a warmth that will aid in a relaxing space. For those who like white but not stark, Pearly White has a tinge of warmth that makes this bright white austere. Both are good options if you want a neutral-forward bathroom.

Banbury also explains that these neutrals serve as the ideal base for earthy shades throughout the bathroom. A dark mossy green brings in some natural beauty, but pairing it with Softer Tan or Pearly White will prevent the bathroom from being too dark. Pair with a shade like Oakmoss by Sherwin Williams or green subway tiles. Green tile has become a popular option for modern showers, and using a green subway tile stacked vertically creates the perfect space that invokes the calmness of nature. Similarly, use blue, which is often associated with feelings of calm. Aleutian and Distance by Sherwin Williams are two dusty blue shades that infuse some color while maintaining a relaxing shower environment.