This Easy Paint Trick Might Be The Key To Keeping Birds Out Of Your Garage

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Do birds ever fly into your garage? If you frequently work on DIY projects there with the door open, creatures may try to enter, especially feathered friends. Once inside this area of your home, birds will usually fly not toward the open door, but toward the ceiling, and they may have trouble finding their way out. If a hummingbird gets stuck in your garage, for example, they may fly around frantically looking for an escape. You'll then have the unpleasant task of either trying to lure the bird out of your home or humanely trapping it.

To avoid this scenario, it's best to prevent these creatures from entering your garage in the first place. Birds often visit these areas because they look like a safe place to nest. One way to make your house less attractive to them is to paint the garage door white (though you might want to think twice before doing the same for your front door). Birds don't like blank white spaces, especially large surface areas, so while this method isn't foolproof, many birds will likely stay away from a glaring-white structure, whether that's your garage door or your entire house.

Paint your garage door white to deter birds

Ideally, keeping birds out of your garage is as easy as giving the door a new coat of white paint. There are many reasons why this color repels these creatures, primarily because it startles them. When a bird becomes aggressive or alarmed, it will often display the white of its tails or wings, so many birds likely associate white with danger. Ergo, when they see a large white door, they may interpret the stark contrast between the door and its surrounding area as a similar warning and retreat.

Another contrast-based reason birds may avoid your white garage door is that lingering near or against it will make them more visible to predators. This is why, if you decide to paint your whole house white, avian visitors may be more likely to avoid it. Because the color white is so bright, it can also disorient birds when they fly, giving them yet another reason to avoid your white garage door.

Other ways to keep birds out of your garage

In addition to painting your garage door white, there are several other steps you can take to dissuade birds from entering your home. The first is to inspect your garage for holes. Since most birds are quite small, they can fit through tiny, unassuming gaps or crevices. Install bird netting over any holes that you find. Next, remove all bird seed or food from your garage. If you must store food items there, place them in airtight containers where birds can't access them.

Another simple way to repel these visitors is to hang a shiny, reflective object inside your garage — birds generally dislike reflective surfaces, though the reason why is largely unknown. Finally, keep your garage door closed as much as possible, or use a garage screen. You can purchase one of these from Amazon for less than $40 depending on the size you need. This is an ideal solution because the screen allows you to work inside your garage and enjoy the nice weather while keeping birds away.