TikTok's Popular IKEA Hack Takes A High Chair From Drab To Fab

New York Times Wirecutter ranks IKEA's Antilop high chair as the best high chair, and for good reason: it's lightweight, effortless to clean, durable, and affordable. Its popularity extends beyond household use, as many restaurants favor it for the same reasons, notably for its straightforward wipe-clean surface without any challenging nooks, crannies, or fabrics. However, like most baby items, the Antilop has drawbacks. A notable issue, especially for parents who plan to do baby-led weaning (BLW), is the chair's inability to provide a 90-degree sitting posture to support proper feeding and reduce the risk of choking. This is primarily due to its deep seat and the absence of footrests. Numerous mothers, including @lindaaraceliii, have taken to TikTok to reveal a hack that's a game-changer for your baby's high chair, mainly involving accessorizing the IKEA Antilop.

While the Antilop isn't the most versatile piece in-store, a range of innovative accessories are available to enhance it, particularly footrests and cushion inserts, which provide the ideal sitting posture for BLW and a child's overall comfort. In addition to functional upgrades, these additions let you personalize your IKEA Antilop high chair to match your home's aesthetic, particularly that of your kitchen or dining room, ensuring yours doesn't look identical to the hundreds of Antilop high chairs in your neighborhood.

How to transform your IKEA Antilop with accessories

Adjustable footrests for the IKEA Antilop high chair easily slip onto the chair's legs and include clamps for secure attachment. These footrests are available in various colors to match your preferences. For a coordinated look, consider precut adhesive vinyl strips in matching colors for the chair's legs. Address the issue of a deep seat, which might cause slouching, by using inflatable cushion inserts. These inserts can be fully inflated for smaller babies and gradually deflated as they grow, ensuring both security and comfort. Additionally, you can encase them in cute cushion covers that complement your kitchen's decor. For ease of cleaning, opt for FDA-food-grade silicone placemats. These placemats are easy to clean and reattach, and their slip-resistant nature helps keep plates and bowls stable on the tray.

While you can't buy them at IKEA, numerous stores, like Cove Baby and Yeah Baby Goods, offer these accessories. At Yeah Baby Goods, you can use their customizer tool to choose from an assortment of cushion cover designs, silicone placemats, leg wraps, and floor mats, allowing you to envision the overall appearance of your high chair. On the other hand, Cove Baby presents various bundle packages, each typically containing a specific cushion cover, leg wrap, footrest, and a placemat that you can select according to your preference. This variety lets you personalize your high chair to suit your style and needs.