Unsellable Houses Stars Reveal The Perfect Paint Color For A Relaxing Bedroom

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Choosing the best paint color is equally exciting and challenging — not least because the goals and expectations tend to vary by room. For instance, the shade you choose for your bedroom walls should encourage calm, relaxing vibes, as the space where you'll be sleeping should never have an overly intense or loud vibe that will keep you lying awake when you're trying desperately to wind down. So, it's not surprising that the stars of HGTV's "Unsellable Houses" recommend light, soft beige paint colors for a relaxing bedroom.

The home renovation experts typically embrace gentler tones to create a more soothing space. As Lyndsay Lambe wrote on Lamb & Co., "There's a time and place for vibrant colors and bold design choices [...] But we wanted the main suite to have an overall calming, spa-like vibe, but still feel approachable and liveable. Our design leaned more into neutral, earthy tones and organic textures, with an emphasis on wellness." Thus, if you're looking to find the perfect, low-key bedroom paint color, muted beige is always an excellent option.

White and gray are also good options

Don't panic if you want to choose a neutral shade, with a soothing vibe, but aren't a fan of beige. Gray and white are also ideal for bedroom walls and these subtle, cooler tones are "Unsellable Houses"-approved too. "Have you noticed that when we are selecting paint for our 'Unsellable Houses' we almost always choose white or gray? There is a reason for that!" Lyndsay Lamb noted on Lamb & Co. "White and gray have been proven to have the highest return on investment when selling your home [...] Everyone can see themselves living there."

So, not only can white or gray bedroom walls make your room feel more relaxing, but they could also improve your home's resale value. You can find plenty of examples of chic white bedrooms on TikTok, where users make the space look more inviting with warm details and fun, soft textures. There are also a plethora of videos dedicated to flaunting relaxing bedrooms with gray walls, embellishing the soothing space with plants and classy black and white details.

Finish off with relaxed bedroom lighting

Even if you have the gentlest, most calming shade of beige, white, or gray paint on your bedroom walls, overly intense and harsh lighting can ruin the overall effect. Don't let overpowering lighting get in the way of establishing your own lovely, low-key vibe. Even better, investing in better lighting for your bedroom will pay off in the long term, according to the "Unsellable Houses" stars. "It's amazing what lighting can do [...] Update all the bedroom lights — huge difference," Lyndsay Lamb told 425 magazine

Avoid recessed lighting in the bedroom and instead opt for some lamps and freestanding light fixtures to lean into the cozy vibes. The Latitude Run Rhyannon 70-inch Tree Floor Lamp with Dimming Rotary Switch is available for $73.99 at Wayfair and would beautifully complement the calming energy in a bedroom with light, neutral walls. 

Or, consider a minimalistic little lamp like the Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Fluted Ceramic Table Lamp Cream (Includes LED Light Bulb), which retails for $65 at Target. At the end of the day, choose any lighting you like as long as it won't overwhelm your relaxing bedroom. Either way, keep the environment restful and you'll sleep like a baby.