Try This Relaxing Alternative To A Black And White Bedroom

Choosing the right color combination for your room can be overwhelming when you have so many options. While the bedroom is separate from all the other rooms in your house, you still want the space to be cohesive. A classic bedroom color combination is black and white for its timeless, chic, and clean look. It offers the perfect balance for a room with multiple windows and natural lighting to prevent it from appearing dull and dark. It makes the space look put together. However, a typical black-and-white bedroom can feel too formal, primarily if you use it as your room or a guest bedroom. Instead of steering toward black and white, opt for navy and white. Navy is still a darker color but not pitch black, so you have more room to play with decor in your bedroom.

Studio Ten 25 designer Abbe Fenimore claims, "Navy and white are versatile and allow you to create multiple looks ranging from sophisticated and chic to traditional with a twist," via Apartment Therapy. Navy is still a relaxing color like black, but it gives the room a lighter and fresher ambiance. When you're getting ready to sleep or wake up, you want to feel calm. In addition, you can pair navy with other complementary colors like orange and green to enhance the serenity of your space. Of course, you can stick to navy and white in your bedroom and use various shades of navy throughout embellishments.

Add pops of navy through furniture and decor

Navy is a dark, bold color on its own, and pairing it with white helps slightly mute it while still giving it its spotlight moment. Using navy in larger furniture pieces, such as dressers, bed frames, or nightstands, is excellent for adding a colorful statement piece. You can add all three to your space or include a single piece that you want to stand out. A superb way of incorporating navy furniture into your bedroom is by giving your old furniture a paint job. It's a budget-friendly way to transform your space. All you need to buy is the paint, brushes, and sander.

On the other hand, if you prefer a minimalist style with white walls and furniture, incorporate pops of navy in your decor. For instance, use navy-colored bed sheets, pillows, and blankets. Or, take the color to the wall and hang up curtains with an eye-catching navy pattern. Navy and white give a coastal vibe to the space. Try including ships, anchors, or beachy patterns in a navy tone. Don't be afraid to mix shades of blue with navy for contrast and balance. While navy is as timeless as black, it better complements lighter tones like yellow and cream. When you're mixing multiple colors with navy, proper placement is vital. You might skip the navy furniture and opt for an accent wall.

Create an accent wall with navy

Instead of painting your walls all white or all navy, you can combine the two by adding a stunning navy accent wall. Paint the wall behind or across your bed for a splash of color. If you're feeling daring, paint a couple of walls navy. You don't have to paint the wall; there are ways to add an accent wall with other materials. However, an accent wall is enough to give the room some contrast and depth, especially with a prominent color like navy. Then, you can add other tones to your space, such as green. Decorate the room with plants, printed art, or vases. If you want something brighter, swap the green for orange, yellow, or cream tones.

You can get highly creative with your accent wall. There are various designs outside of a solid wall to choose from that will make your bedroom more interesting. For instance, an ocean-themed room can have a relaxing blue mural that reflects the ocean waves with a mix of navy shades and white. The ocean view will be the focal point of the room. Or, add a navy pattern to a white wall. Stripes, flowers, and geometric shapes are always attractive and captivating for an accent wall. You can create something riveting with navy hues that will still relax you when it's time to sleep or wake up. Find a balance that works for you and your space, but always include what speaks to you when shopping for furniture and decor.