TikTok's Hack Makes Cleaning Up After Pruning The Hedges In Your Yard A Breeze

Aside from keeping your yard looking tidy and clean, pruning hedges can help preserve the integrity of your shrubs and nearby plants. And if you have hedges that jut out into sidewalks or are at the base of your driveway, then trimming them becomes a safety necessity to ensure they don't block the visibility of motorists. Afterward, you'll have to clean up a mess of twigs, branches, and leaves. Although there are plenty of mistakes to avoid while pruning plants, cleanup shouldn't be an issue. All you need to do is grab your lawn mower and mow your shrub's trimmings. The results will amaze you and you won't have to worry about stuffing your car with old leaves, twigs, and branches, risking insects infiltrating your vehicle. 

Although recycling vegetative waste isn't that expensive, it's time-consuming. You have to stuff bags with old leaves and drive them to a recycling center, waiting in line and paying a fee. Plus, you're removing potential mulch from your yard instead of recycling it for other exterior projects. It's worth noting that mulch can be expensive, especially if you have a large exterior space. Depending on the type you purchase, a yard can be upwards of $150. But making your own is free. Additionally, there are plenty of nutrients inside leaves that you can use to feed your flower beds or vegetable garden. Once you learn how to prune your trees the right way, you can use this hack to clean up afterward. 

Grab your mower

After you trim your hedges, mow the debris with your lawnmower. According to @nathanslawnsandgarden's TikTok video, you can mow a large pile of brush in under 10 minutes. Yes, you can use this DIY mulch around your yard, but there are some potential drawbacks to this hack. 

For starters, if you're mowing shrub debris that's on a sidewalk or in a driveway, you might find marks left behind, like a large grass stain. However, after it rains, you should see these marks wash away. You could always hose them away, but this wastes water. Another issue is the size of the branches you're looking to mow. Although it's okay to mow small twigs, you don't want to mow large branches. Otherwise, you run the risk of damaging your mower's blades and spending money on repairs, including parts and labor. Instead, pick up branches that are bigger than an inch across, working to preserve the integrity of your mower's blade. 

If possible, you should also use a lawn mower with a mulching feature. This creates a super fine compost that's easier to spread around your yard. This means that when you start rounding up the best self-propelled lawnmowers for healthy grass, pay close attention to their descriptions and capabilities. Once your hedge clippings are ground into fine pieces, leaf blow or sweep away the excess, add some to your garden, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.