The Common Pantry Item You Can Repurpose For Toilet Paper Storage

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If your bathroom has random rolls of toilet paper strewn about, chances are you need some type of creative storage solution. Maybe you lack closet space and don't have anywhere to store it. Or maybe you have a big bathroom with a pedestal sink and nowhere to stash toiletries. Whatever the reason is, you deserve a sleek, stylish means of hiding your toilet tissue. And if you're someone who enjoys a great DIY project that's as chic and versatile as it is affordable, then this hack is for you. The next time you finish oatmeal, be sure to save the cylindrical container it comes in. You can easily transform it into something that hides your toilet paper while upcycling items from around your home. 

It's essential to have items you can use to organize your bathroom. This works to prevent clutter and to keep things looking tidy. And if you're someone who loves to repurpose old products, preventing unnecessary waste, this trick prevents the need to purchase a new organizer. If you don't have an old oatmeal container, you can always ask friends or family to save one of theirs for your craft. And if you're looking for a project that works in multiple rooms of the house, you can hide paper towels and toilet paper in plain sight with this amazing hack, making it double-duty. 

Organizing your toilet paper

The first step in this hack is to grab an old oatmeal container, glue, and contact paper. You can also purchase self-adhesive wallpaper if you find a pattern you like. Although the sky is the limit with decorating, you might want to choose colors that complement your bathroom's decor. You could even stick with neutral shades that work with a myriad of aesthetics. And if you're looking to add pops of whimsy, you could decorate your toilet paper holder in bright, welcoming colors. If you don't want to use adhesive paper or wallpaper, you could paint your oatmeal container. Chalk paint works on virtually any surface, and you could write cute messages on it so guests know where to find spare toilet tissue. 

Although you don't need to cover the plastic lid of your decorative holder, you can if you want to conceal your toilet paper from all angles. You can paint the plastic lid or use decorative paper to match the container itself. You could even add strips of washi tape, adding geometric patterns to your project. Washi tape is available in every color of the rainbow and countless patterns. Amazon sells 40 rolls of multicolor washi paper for about $7, so you can decorate your toilet paper holder and have tape left for other projects. Once you complete your project, add a layer of Mod Podge. 

Look for alternative containers

If you don't have an oatmeal container, there are plenty of other items available. Any large, cylindrical container would work. Just check the width of your toilet paper rolls. You could even use square or rectangular containers for flushable wipes. And since this DIY hack is completely customizable, you can create something to match your home's aesthetic. You can even revamp this hack and use it for other items besides toilet paper. For example, use your containers to store office supplies, arts and crafts supplies for the kiddos, toiletries, and so much more. 

If your favorite type of project to DIY lets you explore your creativity, then you'll love how versatile this activity is. You could add rhinestones to your container or even let the kiddos decorate them. And if you really want to get creative while upcycling, consider giving these DIY toilet paper holders out as gifts. The one drawback to this hack is that these containers are made from cardboard, which means they can't get wet. So if your toilet is next to your shower or if you have a small bathroom prone to moisture, you might find that your super cute storage container warps or rips. However, you can seal your project with Mod Podge, protecting your handiwork. This sealant works on a variety of surfaces and is non-toxic. You can purchase a small container of Mod Podge for a little over $5. Even though it's not waterproof, it will help.