Easily Remove Grease From Your Backsplashes With This Common Cleaning Staple

The backsplash is aptly named, as it's a place in your kitchen for accidental spills, splatters, and stains to accumulate over time. Though it's better for these mishaps to coat an easy-to-clean surface like stone or tile as opposed to painted drywall, it's still important to clean these spaces. Grease and grime accumulation on backsplashes is common, and kitchen cleanliness and food safety are of the utmost importance to prevent foodborne illnesses. Fortunately, Fabuloso is an excellent household cleaner that can help you cut through stubborn buildup on your backsplash, returning your kitchen to a sanitary and sparkling space.

If you're unfamiliar with its cleaning prowess, Fabuloso is a household cleaning product that is available in a number of scents and strengths. Some are specifically designed for all-purpose cleaning, while others have antibacterial properties. Nevertheless, Fabuloso is an excellent choice to help break down and dissolve grease on your backsplash while leaving your kitchen smelling clean and fresh in one of your favorite scents. Due to its multipurpose design, it's a practical choice for regular kitchen maintenance as it can be used on a variety of surfaces like tile, glass, and metal.

Cleaning a greasy backsplash

Whether you need to freshen up your counters, wipe down an appliance, or cut through the stubborn grease stains on your backsplash, a bottle of Fabuloso will be there for you on the double. Literally. The company even has a 2x concentrated bottle for tough stains that's available in a range of sizes. Once you've chosen your favorite scent and strength, getting to work is super simple.

There are two different ways Fabuloso recommends using its product. The first is by diluting ⅛ cup of Fabuloso in a gallon of water. Mix the two in a bucket or large container and then use a cloth or brush to tackle tough grease and grime by dipping it in the solution and applying it to the surface. Alternatively, put the solution in a spray bottle and apply it directly. Allow the solution to sit for a few minutes and then use a clean sponge, cloth, or brush to gently scrub the backsplash. Rinse the area with clean water afterward and dry it with another clean cloth.

Another way Fabuloso recommends using its product is by applying it directly to a sponge and wiping it onto the affected areas. This may be a better option for particularly greasy or dirty spots on your backsplash when the diluted strength just won't cut it. Proceed in a similar fashion by allowing the solution to sit for a few minutes, scrubbing gently, rinsing the area with clean water, and drying it.

Cautions while using Fabuloso

Using Fabuloso is a great way to clean your kitchen backsplash, especially after a messy preparation. Just make sure to read and follow the instructions provided on the bottle, particularly for dilution ratios and other hazards. One important caution that Fabuloso notes on its bottle is that it should never be mixed with chlorine bleach. Bleach is an extremely potent and potentially toxic chemical that can create noxious gasses, extreme heat, or even an explosion if mixed with other cleaning solutions. It's imperative not to mix Fabuloso with bleach or any other cleaning chemicals to ensure your safety.

Another good rule of thumb is to consider your personal safety when using cleaning solutions. Ensure that there's adequate airflow and ventilation by opening windows in your kitchen or switching on a ceiling fan to help dissipate any irritating vapors. Moreover, it's good practice to wear protective gloves or eyewear when using undiluted cleaning chemicals as they can irritate your skin or eyes.

Finally, while Fabuloso claims that its products are safe to use on a variety of surfaces, it may be wise to test the solution first on an inconspicuous area of your backsplash before proceeding with the entire region. Specialty backsplash materials or certain color tiles or grout may react to the fragrances or dyes in Fabuloso, damaging the exterior or aesthetic of your backsplash.