Is A Headboard Really Necessary?

If you are picking out furniture for your bedroom, you have likely considered your headboard options. Yes, headboards can make a statement in a bedroom design and elevate the space significantly when chosen correctly. But with the high cost, do you really need a headboard for your bed? If you are hoping to save money, you'll be happy to learn that headboards really aren't a necessary bedroom item.

In fact, while headboards have remained on-trend, there are a ton of options for your bed area that don't involve a headboard at all. Bohemian-style bedrooms often look better without a headboard, while those with smaller spaces can benefit from removing the headboard and incorporating the wall instead. Designers can get super creative with non-headboard headboard ideas, like placing a bookshelf behind the bed or repurposing wall art as a headboard alternative. Either way, saying goodbye to the headboard may be a good option for you, depending on what you look for in a bedroom.

Pros and cons of ditching the headboard

Headboards were first created to help keep homeowners warm while they were sleeping, as old homes did not have the ventilation we have today and the walls would get quite cold in the winter. While we don't have that problem now, headboards can still serve a bigger purpose than simply providing a pretty backdrop. If you like to sit up in bed while watching television or reading, a headboard can provide the support you need. A headboard is also a good way to avoid scuffing up your wall and will keep your pillows from falling off the back.

But if you want to ditch the headboard entirely, there are good reasons to do it. The first, of course, is money. Headboards usually start at around $150 for a twin-sized bed, but go up dramatically for king-sized options, decorative designs, and plush materials. Beyond the cost, though, not having a headboard will give you much more space. When you are able to push the bed against the wall, your bedroom will suddenly feel bigger.

How to design a bedroom without a headboard

If you enter an empty room with just a mattress and bed frame, you are likely going to be underwhelmed. While a headboard can instantly add dimension and style, it isn't the only way to make a room feel like you. In fact, forgoing the headboard means you can be more imaginative with your bedroom design.

When designing your bedroom, you can make an accent wall behind your bed using wallpaper or a big piece of art or you can hang a tapestry if your space is rented. Other ideas include adding shelving to display trinkets or other small items or to create a gallery wall. A budget-saving trick is to use the natural elements your space already has to create the illusion of a headboard. This could mean placing your bed against a window or pushing it up against a brick wall. If all else fails, you can pile on pillows to create a super cozy space.