TikTok Shows You How Easy It Is To Install A Recessed Toilet Paper Holder

Toilet paper is a necessity in the bathroom. But finding the right spot for it can be a total headache. Many homes don't have a specific place for toilet paper, leading to rolls falling on the floor or getting damp when they're just left to sit wherever they land. For those who do have dedicated holders, particularly the bigger freestanding ones, they're often a bit of a nuisance, easily knocked over and taking up more space than you'd like. This problem gets even trickier in smaller bathrooms, where even wall-mounted holders tend to be intrusive. 

Consider installing a recessed toilet paper holder to solve your storage issues. It might sound daunting, especially since it involves cutting a hole in your wall, but this TikTok shared by @1_louiebee shows how easy it actually is! In fact, the brunt of the work is the cutting part. Besides buying a recessed paper holder, which you can snag for $18.09 on Zoro, the key to a smooth installation is having the right tools on hand. A level is a game-changer for this project — it's essential for making sure your cutout is perfectly straight. You'll also need a drywall saw or a similar tool for cutting into the wall and screwdrivers to secure the holder in place.

How to install a recessed toilet paper holder

The first step is to find a hollow spot on your wall, which involves finding your wall studs. There are plenty of easy-to-use stud finders out there, but if you don't already own one or don't know how, there are simple tips to find a stud without a stud finder, like knocking and listening for the sound beneath the wall. Once you've found a hollow space, cut a square hole into the wall — the dimensions for the hole are typically indicated in the specifications that come with the product. If not, measure the recessed corner marks like @1_louiebee does above and mark the area with a pencil. Next, use a utility knife or drywall saw to cut the area off.

The clip only shows her popping the recessed tissue holder in place, but the installation process doesn't end there. Recessed tissue holders typically come with wall C-clamps to ensure a secure fit. Loosely attach two screws through the holder into the slots on the clamp. Then, carefully slide the wall clamp through your wall opening. Using a level guarantees that everything is perfectly straight. Once you're happy with the positioning, ensure the recessed tissue holder is flush against the wall, and then tighten both screws for a firm hold. If you find working with the clamp challenging, apply construction adhesives on the lip of the recessed holder instead, like YouTuber FixThisHouse. And that's it, your toilet paper has a home.