The Perennial Herb You'll Want In Your Garden For All Of Its Benefits

Flowers often outshine herbs when it comes to gardening, but herbs have a lot to offer and can complement your preexisting flower arrangements perfectly. If you have been searching for a beautiful plant that will benefit your garden, look no further than wall germander. A herb that's perfect for growing in your garden, it blooms in either a vivid lavender or dark pink shade but has plenty of benefits beyond its appearance. This perennial herb will work hard to contribute to the natural flow of your garden.

Wall germander (Teucrium chamaedrys) can reach up to two feet high and grows in a cluster-like formation that appears dense and well-populated. Found in Northern Africa, western Asia, and Europe, this plant doesn't easily get infected by pests and diseases and thrives with exposure to full sunlight. Wall germander can bring many benefits to your garden, but there are a few things to be aware of when growing it.

This unique plant has many benefits

If you're looking to bring more bees into your garden, wall germander is an excellent choice. The plant is a magnet for bees, specifically honeybees and sometimes bumblebees. It also attracts other pollinators like butterflies and hummingbird moths in smaller numbers. This is good news for the rest of your garden, as pollination encourages plants to grow and will keep your garden thriving for longer. 

Wall germander is great as a border plant due to the fact it can be planted in rows and grows upwards. This makes it a good filler to plant in front of or behind other flowers that may look a little sparse when they're growing. Plus, if you share a fence with a neighbor, using wall germander can help give you more privacy on your end since it grows densely.

Another benefit of wall germander is that it isn't overly susceptible to disease or pests, though it can attract mildew and mites. It also is unappealing to deer, in case you're worried about your garden being trampled.

Wall germander isn't right for every garden

To care for wall germander, ensure you choose well-draining soil and plant it in an area that gets heaps of sunlight. When watering, focus on the lower part of the plant. You should aim to water weekly while the germander is in the initial growing phase and every ten or so days once the plant is established. One downside of wall germander is that it can be difficult to keep control of once it starts growing. While this can make for a lovely effect in your garden, you'll need to keep a careful eye on its progress. If not, you may find yourself with a plant that looks a little wild. 

It's best to plant your germander in an area by itself, away from other plants. Otherwise, its habit of spreading out could impede the growth of other herbs and flowers in your garden. Additionally, wall germander could be an herb to steer clear of if you have asthma or another condition that affects your breathing. We also recommend donning gloves if you're trimming back the plant in case of any skin irritation, though this will vary from person to person. On the whole, this pretty herb is well worth investing in to bring texture and a colorful appearance while supporting pollinators in your garden.