TikTok's Honest Review Of The IKEA Canopy Bed

Canopy beds, defined by the four posters at each corner, have an elegant look that can really elevate a space. They usually (but not always) feature a draped fabric across the top and sides. If you're looking for a canopy bed in which you can sleep in style, the IKEA YTTERVAG bed could be the end of your search. As usual, TikTok has done the hard grifting and shared reviews that will help you decide whether the YTTERVAG is for you or not. Firstly, the facts.

Currently priced at $749 for a king size and $599 for a queen size, the YTTERVAG features a traditional four-poster appearance. It is made from solid pine with wood veneer slats and a galvanized steel center support beam. It comes in two colors: dark black and an ashy mid-brown color, categorized as "gray-brown." While you can buy a canopy-style bed for cheap, the fact the YTTERVAG is mainly made from solid wood makes it a great option. However, note that, like with most bed frames, a mattress is not provided. Nevertheless, the model also has some downsides. We've got you covered with what TikTok thinks of the bed style and anything else you should know before committing. 

This bed has a grand appearance without the grand price to accompany it

In her TikTok review, @ashleyrenethurman mentions that the bed is simple to construct, which is not always a given with IKEA products. She does have assistance in the video, so we recommend roping in at least one other person when constructing this bed, especially if you're not an IKEA hack DIY expert yet. Another thing noted in this TikTok review is that the bed isn't too short, which is a potential issue of canopy beds. However, this point will vary depending on how high your ceilings are and how tall you would like your bed to be.

Finally, @ashleyreneethurman mentioned that the bed worked well with the adjustable base she added. As well as winning points on practicality, interior design expert @refinedambiance shared via TikTok that the YTTERVAG bed is a gorgeous canopy bed that's easy to style due to its versatile and fresh look. Though there are plenty of plus points, there are also some downsides to the YTTERVAG bed that you should know about before investing.

Other reviews were slightly less positive

While TikTok seems to like the YTTERVAG bed, reviews on the IKEA website point out a few flaws you should consider. The first minus is that the bed slats aren't especially sturdy and sometimes fall off. This could be a significant issue, particularly if the slats fall off at night and ruin your sleep. Other reviews mentioned that the bed didn't feel exceptionally durable, and a few shared that the frame came with marks or even cracks on the posts and other areas. However, the latter points seem to concern a manufacturing issue rather than a problem with the style of the bed itself.

More positive aspects of the reviews praised how well the YTTERVAG fit into a farmhouse-style bedroom and that it looked high-quality for the price when compared to other similar but pricier four-poster bed models. In general, if you want a solid wood canopy bed for under $1000, the IKEA YTTERVAG is likely worth it — perhaps just check over all aspects of the frame for imperfections before putting it together.