For Effortless Laundry Sorting, Look No Further Than This Clever IKEA TRONES Hack

Until each home comes with a robot that can sort laundry for you, finding clever hacks to sort clothes is the best way to get through it. Hampers with color-coded baskets and bins are great, but IKEA might once again have come out on top with a home unit that doubles as the ideal laundry sorter. The IKEA TRONES almost broke the internet when TikTokers started showing off how easy it is to hide shoes in the sleek cabinet and some people have even used the cabinets to store produce in the kitchen, but using it to keep your laundry separated might be the best idea yet. All you need are some stick-on labels to distinguish which cabinet corresponds to which laundry item.

The TRONES has stood out to people looking for storage because the slim build means it can be placed in almost any room, including narrow hallways. The cabinets pull out from the top, revealing shoes (or laundry) in the V-shaped cubby that is ideal for disguising and storing items. While it may have been made to hide shoes, social media followers have found it can also efficiently keep dirty clothing apart so they are added to the correct washing cycle on laundry day. Additionally, it can be used to store clean linens.

More organization doesn't necessarily require more space

Sorting your laundry helps maintain an efficient system and keeps clothing from transferring colors or damaging other items. However, many people find their laundry rooms or areas lack a lot of space, limiting their sorting options. This is why the IKEA TRONES hack is so great. You can easily hide your laundry hamper, but the multi-drawer cabinet offers more organization than just one basket. Whether you want to slide the slim cabinets against a wall in your laundry nook or keep it in an upstairs hallway or bedroom, the unimposing appearance means it will fit in with your decor while leaving plenty of floor space. A two-pack costs $39.99 and can be hooked onto a wall or sit on the floor. Purchasing 4 or 6 of these cabinets will provide enough cubbies for lights, darks, delicates, hand-wash items, and linens. Just use a sticker label on each drawer and your laundry room will stay organized.

Many people use the TRONES as a dirty laundry holder, keeping worn pieces out of sight. However, you can also deposit clean, folded clothing back into the drawers so family members can collect them when they are ready to be put away. This might require names to be added to some drawers, and others can be kept as laundry sorting options. This drawer system allows for so many options — it's up to you how you use it!