Turn Any Hamper Into A Rolling Laundry Cart With TikTok's Clever DIY

Why carry around a heavy basket of laundry when you could roll it around the house instead? Sure, clothes and towels and sheets aren't too heavy, but unless you have the space to install a laundry chute, transferring that massive pile of dirties to your laundry room isn't the easiest task. A rolling cart would make things a lot easier, and thanks to this clever TikTok DIY, you don't even have to purchase a new laundry basket to make that happen.

Originally posted by @mostlymarinatedmama on TikTok, this DIY uses a plant pot-moving dolly as the rolling base for your laundry basket, giving your hamper wheels so you can easily cart it around the house and pick up dirty clothes. All you need is a few zip ties, and you'll have the perfect rolling hamper of your dreams!

Here's the simple step-by-step process for making your own rolling laundry cart without having to break the bank on a whole new hamper.

How to DIY a rolling laundry cart

Thankfully this project is relatively cheap and doesn't require too many materials — or power tools, for that matter. To make this rolling laundry cart — or perhaps an "in between" hamper to keep things organized in your room — find an oversized plant pot moving dolly that will fit the bottom of your hamper. You may have to take the measurements of your hamper before choosing which dolly to purchase.

Once you've found a wheeled dolly that will work, flip the hamper over and place the dolly on top, wheels-side up. Using zip ties, secure the dolly to the frame of the hamper. This project works best with hampers that are metal, plastic, or woven and that have open slots which make the roller and basket easy to secure together with a zip tie. Trim the zip ties so they aren't dragging on the floor below, then flip the hamper right-side up. And there you have it! A rolling hamper at an affordable cost.

Other clever ways to attach wheels to your laundry hamper

While this particular hack works with wired hampers and dollies with open holes — making it easy to zip tie together — not all of your hamper or dolly options will work for this particular DIY project. However, there are other clever ways you can utilize this project using other materials you likely already have at home. 

If your moving plant dolly is completely solid without holes to zip tie, you could always secure it with other sturdy materials like hot glue or super glue. If you want the option of removing the dolly from your basket, secure the two together using velcro strips. This solution works well for hampers that don't have large holes to work with and aren't made of wire, like hampers made of wicker or plastic. If you prefer a larger hamper that makes it easier to sort your laundry, such as separating darks, lights, and colors, you could always purchase wheels to attach to the corners to make moving the hamper around the laundry room even easier.

Keep in mind that your new rolling hamper doesn't have to be for dirty clothes! There are many clever ways to repurpose your old laundry hamper, making it the ultimate tool for storing items that aren't so easy to put away, like toys, extra pillows and blankets, or crafting supplies.