TikTok's Dryer Lint Hack To Prevent Ticks Has Viewers Divided

If you've recently fallen victim to an army of ticks invading your home, well, TikTok has a potential solution up its sleeve. To keep pesky ticks at bay, TikTok user @livecomposed suggests that users should use dryer lint, a toilet paper tube, and some permethrin, which — though it may seem bizarre — is arguably quite effective. This is because the permethrin insecticide abolishes ticks from any mice who come and collect the dryer lint, which decreases the likelihood of them being in or around your house. 

To try this, simply take some dryer lint into your backyard and give it a coat of permethrin (available from Walmart for $10.98) before inserting it into a small PVC pipe or toilet paper tube: just make sure to use some gloves and avoid breathing in the product. Repeat the process until you have enough tubes, with every quarter acre requiring six, and then drop them around outside your home. When the mice come, the insecticide will transfer from the lint onto the mice's fur, where the ticks are, which is the basis of how it works. As a result, you should theoretically be able to stop ticks from taking over your lawn.

Does it work, though? While the logic certainly does, remember that most DIY success stories from people's yards are based on anecdotal evidence rather than scientific studies. Even though this one appears potentially effective, there is some divide among users on the platform on whether it's even worth doing. Here's what their hangup is. 

Does this attract mice? Not according to the TikTok creator

The main reason people aren't sure about this hack is simple: it's all about the mice. As revealed in the TikTok's comments, many people are repulsed by the idea of these small rodents scurrying within such close proximity to their homes. Several comments suggest these individuals would never test the method for themselves. 

To be fair, mice can potentially bring other issues into your home, such as disease and interior damage, which is likely the explanation for the backlash. Other users, meanwhile, seemed to disagree with these opinions. The TikTok creator weighed in to argue that mice will be there regardless, and the hack won't increase their levels on your property. Likewise, they also added a note about how effective the method has been for them personally. 

With plenty of supporting interactions under each opposing comment, though, it's clear that despite the possible success of this hack, feelings are divided. If you do go for it, then note that the insecticide could have negative impacts on wildlife, particularly water-based animals, due to its toxicity, so keep it well away from any areas with water. Another study found that dogs, rabbits, and mice were negatively impacted if they ingested the substance over an extended period. Either way, if you test it to keep ticks out of your house, you can see for yourself if it works.