The 2024 Decorating Trend HGTV's Jeremiah Brent Is All About

Hardwood, vinyl, and tile floors might get a lot of clout thanks to the aesthetic they present and the ease of cleaning (most) types of harder surfaces, but carpet has come a long way from the shag designs of the past. Not only does carpet offer comfort, but with the plethora of fiber options and color selections, your home can become a cozy oasis that looks as good as it feels. One 2024 trendĀ Jeremiah Brent is all about is earth-toned carpeting, which brings a serene, calming vibe into any room while still providing an eye-catching effect. Not only that but many of these shades are also predicted to be the trendiest carpet colors of 2024!

The shift from standard colors like white, brown, or grey has been a long time in the making, with carpeting leaning into a variety of color palettes that can match any home. Whether you prefer pastels or moody schemes, there's a carpet out there that can suit that. However, if you enjoy neutral tones but like a little bit of drama or want something to really pull a room together, an earth-toned carpet might be just the solution.

Earth-toned carpets create a grounding effect in any room

Earth tones are grounding, thanks to the palette that pulls directly from nature. By implementing shades of rust, olive, terracotta, or brown into a room through your carpeting, you can instantly create a calming atmosphere that will put people at ease. Using earth tones within your home decor has a positive effect on family and visitors since these have the power to boost moods and make people feel happy. Being out in nature can be soothing, and by bringing the palette of the outdoors into your rooms, you can keep a serene vibration going all the time. Jeremiah Brent plays with different shades of these natural colors to alter a space's ambiance, using furniture and fabrics to accentuate the carpets.

Choosing which earth-toned carpeting you want to work with will depend on your existing furniture and decor. While brown shades are already neutral and can therefore match a multitude of aesthetics, some colors like terracotta or mustard might require some adjustments to the rest of the room's design. To avoid clashing, you can stick with minimalistic furniture and white or cream accents to produce a simplistic but uplifting ambiance.

Use different shades to elevate furniture and tones

Jeremiah Brent featured a room on Instagram with a lighter brown carpet that complemented the white bedding and textiles that sat on top of the furniture, with a second photo of a darker layout that still stuck to the earth tones but gave off a more dramatic vibe. His caption noted that while the nature-inspired color scheme is the same, each room presented a very different ambiance. Both were calming and elegant, but where one was bright and minimalistic, the other leaned into a moodier theme. The brown carpeting pulled all the elements together, creating vastly different but equally impressive finishes.

Beige carpets also fall under the earth-hued category and can work for anyone who might not want a big change like brown carpeting. This off-white option is a timeless choice, and Jeremiah Brent predicts the color will always be fashionable, making it a good choice for any home. Wood, vinyl, and tile very often come in earth tones, too, which is why picking carpets in this color palette will still give your home a unique and rustic design that doesn't appear outdated. Carpeting is also softer and easier to traverse, and the color options mean dirt won't be as easily visible as on white carpets.