The Bathroom Linen You Should Really Only Be Buying When It's On Sale

Buying new linens for your home is expensive. There are a plethora of linen categories that homeowners typically purchase from, such as kitchen towels, bedroom sheets, and bathroom towels. In the bathroom, you have subcategories like hand, face, and body towels. There is so much to keep track of that most of us forget to replace them since they often look like they're still in good condition. However, after constant usage and laundering, bathroom linens lose their fluffiness and ability to soak up water properly. Buying new ones every couple of years is vital, but Deana Lenz of Deana Lenz Interiors claims it's best to purchase bathroom towels on sale since they get worn out quickly (via Real Simple).

Depending on the brand and quality, bath linens range from $4 to over $50 for a single towel. Occasionally, bath towels are sold in bundles, but typically, they're sold individually. If you have a larger family or host guests at your house, keeping extra towels in your linen closet is essential. When you consider how many towels you really need, buying them at regular price can add up. The number of towels you want per person in your home is three. For guests, you should have two extra towels per person. A household of five people requires at least 15 towels in stock, which can cost well over $100. Waiting for towels to go on sale can help you save a lot of money.

Shop bath towel sales four times a year

Since you probably won't be replacing all of your towels simultaneously, check on them occasionally to see what condition they're in, especially if you store them in the bathroom. You might have a few hanging on by a thread or not absorbing as much water as they used to. However, before you grab your keys and head to your local home goods store, research the sales prior to purchasing. A few popular timeframes to remember are end-of-summer, Black Friday, and white sales. Amazon Prime has an annual deal event that's typically in July and exclusive to Prime members only. They have hundreds of products, including bath linens, on sale at excellent, low prices.

While Black Friday sales have amazing deals on bath linens, many folks will do Christmas shopping throughout November since many retailers will start their Black Friday sales early; they won't think about buying bath necessities. So, the end-of-summer sale is the best time to purchase bath linens. Senior director of digital communications at the American Cleaning Institute, Jessica Elk, states, "August is a good time to buy sheets and towels, since it's a popular time for moving, whether that's college students moving into dorm rooms or families moving locations before the next school year," per Reader's Digest. The sale isn't exclusive to students or parents; it's available for everyone, so if you're not moving or don't have kids in school, stock up on bath linens in August.

Shop big box stores in person or online

Amazon is a good contender with its Prime event in July, but if you're not a Prime member, many other retail stores offer excellent bath linen sales. Target, Walmart, Bloomingdale's, and Bed Bath and Beyond are big box stores with Black Friday and white sales. Target and Walmart will always have back-to-school sales in August, too. However, suppose you miss the end-of-summer sales and don't have a large spending budget during the holidays. In that case, white sales are another incredible opportunity to stock up on affordably priced bath linens. White sales occur in January and are solely reserved for household linens and essentials. Many stores, like Pottery Barn, JCPenny, Nordstrom Rack, and Macy's, offer select towels at a discount between 40% and 70% off.

When you shop for bath linens on sale, always check the clearance section before walking through any other aisle. Retail stores will keep sales and regular-priced items separate to prevent confusing the customers, primarily when shopping in-store. Online stores will tell you which items are on sale. In addition, you can stack coupons and sale codes on top of marked-down items to get a more significant discount. If you're perusing through the aisles and see a few bath towels you like, check the store's website to see if they have a better sale. Sometimes, you can get a price match to avoid paying for shipping and waiting for the items to get delivered.