TikTok Shows Us An Easy Way To Restore A Teak Shower Bench To Its Former Glory

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The temptation to toss damaged furniture is strong, especially when you're dealing with water damage. Bathroom benches are especially intimidating, with aspects like soap buildup, shampoo bottle rings, and years of contact with water sometimes accumulating to an overwhelming mess. Fortunately, by following a simple process shared by TikTok user @Laurencarnow, anyone can restore a teak shower bench using AquaTeak products.

Teak (Tectona grandis) is an extremely durable type of wood natively found in Indonesia and traditionally used in shipbuilding, joinery, paneling, flooring, and furniture. Teak's strength makes it perfect for furniture like a shower bench since it holds up well to water without losing its integrity. While the majority of shower benches are made from teak, some are made from other wood like bamboo or walnut, or from synthetic materials. Keep in mind that this restoration process may not work if your shower bench is made from a material other than teak, since the products used are teak-specific.

What you'll need for a teak shower bench restoration

Fortunately, the materials needed for restoring your teak shower bench are easy to acquire and relatively inexpensive. The key players in the restoration process are two AquaTeak products: the Cleaner & Brightener and the Protect & Maintain Teak Oil. Amazon conveniently sells these two products as a set for less than $40, or you can purchase them separately directly from the AquaTeak site for a similar overall price. TikTok user @laurencarnow uses a Monoject syringe to apply the cleaner to the bench exactly where needed. You can skip this if you prefer, or you can purchase a pack of five syringes for less than $8 at Walmart.

Aside from these three purchases, you likely have everything else you need for this easy household restoration project already on hand. A scrubbing brush and a clean rag will help you get the job done. Assuming that all you need to buy are the AquaTeak products and the Monoject syringe, the cost of restoring your bench comes to less than $50, plus you'll have plenty of product to spare for next time. Considering that purchasing a brand-new shower bench like this one from GoldenTeak costs around $300, the price of restoration is well worth it.

How to restore a teak shower bench

On top of being financially accessible, this restoration project is also approachable for anyone, regardless of your experience with DIY home projects or restorations. 

Place your shower bench in an easily accessible area for the restoration, and begin by wiping down the teak bench to get rid of any soap residue and other buildup. Once you have a clear surface to work with, fill one of the Monoject syringes with the AquaTeak Cleaner & Brightener and carefully apply it to each slat of the bench. If you opted out of purchasing syringes, you could use a small cup to carefully apply the formula to your bench. Scrub the Cleaner & Brightener into the teak using a brush, then let the formula completely dry in.

You should already be able to see bottle rings lightening and stains lifting, but a bit of uneven color at this stage is to be expected. To finish, apply the Protect & Maintain Teak Oil using the syringe just like you did in the first step. Instead of scrubbing in with a brush, use a clean cloth to evenly distribute the oil throughout the entire surface of the bench. Let the oil dry in completely, and you're done!