Rid Your Basement Of That Damp And Musty Feeling Using This All-Natural Item

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Depending on where you live, you may be unfamiliar with the ins and outs of owning a basement space. While some homes may be lucky enough to have a fully finished basement, some can resemble those of horror movies with creaky stairs, dark corners, and of course plenty of cobwebs. If your basement looks and feels like the latter, you're probably no stranger to this damp and musty feeling. These underground spaces often become moist and smelly due to inadequate ventilation as the walls of the basement trap moisture and air from passing through. Windows may be uncommon or difficult to open, only exacerbating this issue. Consequently, basements become a breeding ground for mold and mildew, adding to the musty odor of this unfinished space. Fortunately, there is a super simple way to combat both the moisture and the smell of your basement just by investing in activated charcoal.

Reducing odors with this charcoal hack can be an effective way to tackle the damp and musty feel of your basement. When you place charcoal there, its highly porous nature can soak up excess moisture in the air, helping to reduce the humidity and preventing the growth of mold and mildew. Since charcoal has deodorizing properties, it's an excellent way to get musty smells out of your basement and improve its air quality. So if you need to freshen up your basement, pop over to your local hardware store and pick up some activated charcoal.

Using activated charcoal in your basement

Utilizing activated charcoal to freshen up your basement space is a great idea because it's all-natural, affordable, and requires very little effort. Since this method has become so popular, there are several products you can buy that will help conquer the moist and musty nature of your basement. One such product is DampRid's Disposable Moisture Absorber. This product is probably available at your local hardware store or, more conveniently, on Amazon Prime for just $25.94 for two 15.5-ounce tubs. Depending on the layout of your basement, you may need to use both simultaneously as DampRid claims they are each effective for up to 250 square feet. To use it, simply peel off the foil cover, place the grill lid on top, and place it on a level surface in the desired space. Each tub should last up to 45 days before needing a replacement.

Alternatively, Amazon also offers a best seller Activated Charcoal Odor Absorber by Vergali. This arrives with 10 3.5-ounce bags with hooks, making them easy to hang from a beam or a nail in your basement. These bamboo charcoal bags are available for $29.99 and also boast a "rechargeable" feature, making them more eco-friendly. Vergali recommends placing the used bags in direct sunlight for two hours once per month to free any absorbed moisture or odors and then reusing them for up to two years.

Cautions for this method

While activated charcoal is an excellent, natural method for eliminating dampness and must in your basement, there are some considerations to recognize before trying this method. Though some brands may last longer, like Vergali's rechargeable bags, activated charcoal does have a finite life, requiring it to be replaced every so often. As a result, you should be aware that you'll have to continually invest in new activated charcoal products to maintain a dry and fresh basement. On that note, if being eco-friendly is a priority, constantly discarding disposable items may not align with your personal values.

Something else to consider when investing in activated charcoal products is that they can be slightly toxic to pets. If your pet ingests these products by accident, it can cause nausea and vomiting. It's a good idea to keep pets away from these products or place them out of reach from curious animals. Should your pet accidentally get into one of these products and you suspect it may have consumed part of it, contact your vet immediately for advice on how to care for your animal.

If having a more permanent solution that requires less frequent replacement is more your style, it might be a better idea to invest in a dehumidifier to run in your house. Many newer models can also be attached to any local drain, alleviating your need for emptying the water basin. These appliances can then simply live carefree in your basement, eliminating must and moisture without a second thought.