This TikTok DIY Covers Popcorn Ceilings To Create A Beautiful Shiplap Design

Even more frightful than the "Creature from the Black Lagoon" or a poltergeist: Popcorn ceilings can leave your home feeling like an outdated haunt rather than the dreamy dwelling it's meant to be. Despite the fact that visitors might not even notice, if you detest popcorn ceilings, it's hard to forget they are there, dragging down your aesthetic. Scraping the texture off can be exhausting, messy, and time-consuming, so how do you pivot and still get a clean finish? Why not try adding shiplap over the top of the pop? By covering up the bumpy texture, you can create a tidy design that complements any decor scheme.

Even HGTV designer Christina Hall touts shiplap as a way to keep your home up-to-date and classic all at once, and the boards build dimensions in a particular room. Whether it's an accent wall or an entire living area, shiplap can help transform a plain surface into a charming veneer. By using this TikTok shiplap hack on your ceiling, you can utilize the impressive finish it provides to both hide outdated popcorn moldings and enhance your interior aesthetic.

A simple disguise for a fabulous finish

In order to transform your ceiling from drab to fab, there are a few things to know before installing shiplap. You will want to measure the length of the planks you need for the room you intend to cover. If you intend to paint the boards once they are installed, look for primed options that will hold the color you choose after they've been placed. Otherwise, you can choose shiplap options like the Timeless Farmhouse White Smooth Pine Shiplap Boards from Home Depot, which come in packs of six and range in price between $115 and $200. Once you have your measurements, you can purchase your boards and some Home Depot Loctite Polyurethane construction adhesive (or any other brand), which will keep them secured to your ceiling.

Cover the back of the shiplap planks with a layer of adhesive and press them directly to your ceiling. Once you've got the shiplap placed, use a nail gun to secure it to the studs inside the ceiling. If you're not painting over the boards, keep in mind these nails, though small, might still be visible, which is why it could be more beneficial to paint the entire ceiling once the shiplap has been added. Always sand down any uneven areas of your shiplap before applying a layer of paint so it goes on as smoothly as possible and creates a seamless finish.

Make the finished product your own with paint

As you work, you can cut any areas that need a specialized shape, such as air vents, before securing pieces around them. Once all the boards have been nailed in, you can insert crown moldings around the room to create flushed edges that blend the shiplap into the space. The crown molding can be attached with a nail gun and construction adhesive as well. Your final step is to paint the moldings and shiplap whatever shade you want to complement your walls and décor within the room. A long paint roller can be used to coat the planks, and if you want to brighten up the space, opt for a lighter paint color than the one on your walls, going up to 20% brighter to create an open, airy vibe. 

The finished product will leave your home feeling refreshed and this creative way to use shiplap adds a little texture while disguising the "over the top" popcorn consistency that most certainly would have scared anyone who chanced a peak upwards.