The Genius Way To Water Your Plants With This IKEA Plant Stand

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The findings of a survey conducted in 2021, cited by Statista, reported that a whopping 89% of participants owned at least one houseplant. If your place is starting to feel a bit like a jungle, then you might be looking for a new way to display your greenery. You can install shelves in your home, but what if you're renting and can't make permanent alterations? And if you enjoy decorating your outdoor space, then wall shelves are probably out of the question. 

Luckily, as expected, IKEA has a wonderful, and very chic, plant stand called the ASKHOLMEN, and it can accommodate a wide variety of potted beauties. The best part is that you can use it to display your plants and water them. Since the ASKHOLMEN plant stand has three tiers, you can simply stagger your foliage so water from one trickles down to hydrate the next. The other great thing about this plant stand is its affordability, something IKEA is known for. 

For just under $40, you can use the ASKHOLMEN to display all your favorite plants. Even better, this stylish stand is made from solid acacia wood, making it a durable choice too. Yes, moisture causes wood to warp but this plant stand has a layer of acrylic lacquer added to it, working to protect against warped wood (and unsightly fading). So if you're ready to expand on your list of genius tips for watering your plants, here's another great trick to add to your roster.

Stagger plants on your ASKHOLMEN for effortless watering

The ASKHOLMEN boasts three stylish shelves, each constructed of wooden slats. This means that you can skip the saucer since you won't need it to catch water when using this particular stand. Just keep in mind that it's generally recommended only for outdoor use. Otherwise, you run the risk of water dripping onto your floors and damaging them. You can still use this method indoors, but you might want to put some type of absorbent mat beneath your plant stand first. For something reusable, consider washable pet pads. Amazon sells a two-pack for $11.43, and they come in a cute floral pattern to match your indoor botanical garden. 

This means you can choose the best indoor plants for every room in your house, using this stand to display them. Or you can add a saucer to your plants when utilizing the ASKHOLMEN indoors. If you don't want to use each shelf for plants, you could always use the small top shelf to display knickknacks or books. Since the bottom shelf sits a little over eight inches above the ground, you can fit a small plant on the bottom, as well. When using this stand outdoors, pair it with any one of the 20 trendy ideas for designing your perfect patio. This offers you an outdoor oasis with nothing more than an affordable piece of home decor from IKEA.