Don't Store Food In The Cabinet Above Your Stove. Use It For This Instead

Many homeowners have more food and kitchen items than they know what to do with and need all of the cabinet space that they can get. Despite how badly you may want to store food above the stove, you should avoid doing so. The cabinet above the stove takes the brunt of the heat and moisture that comes from the kitchen appliance. The stove can make the area hot and steamy and damaging to cabinets, particularly those made of wood. Not only can this heat damage cabinets — it can also damage what's inside. 

Just like you should avoid placing your air fryer under your kitchen cabinets, avoid storing just anything in the cabinet above your stove. This cabinet isn't ideal for perishable items. It's also a bad choice for canned goods and dry packaged food such as rice and pasta, or basically anything you plan to consume. Oil, vinegar, and even spices are better stored elsewhere. Even alcohol can be damaged by extreme heat and shouldn't be placed above the stove.

In many homes, the cabinet above a stove is also a little out of the way and difficult to reach. Instead of adding food to these cabinets, consider storing other kitchen items — especially items that you don't use every day and that you don't need on your countertops at all times.

The best ways to use the cabinet above your stove

When choosing items to store above your stove, consider adding kitchen appliances you don't use frequently. Although there are several clever ways to hide small appliances for a clutter-free kitchen, this cabinet makes a good place for them. Small kitchen appliances are considered useless by some, but many are worth having around if they're kept out of the way until you need them. A panini press, popcorn maker, or ice maker may only come out occasionally, so storing them above the stove can be a great choice.

There are several decorative ways to store your favorite cookbooks, but you can always get them out of the way by storing them in this cabinet. Placing cookbooks in the cabinet above your stove keeps them within reach without taking up valuable counter space. In addition to infrequently used appliances and cookbooks, you might also want to store seasonal items. This cabinet is well-suited for items that are meant for use only around Thanksgiving, Christmas, or other holidays. Other items that you could place in these cabinets include plastic storage containers, pots, pans, or materials such as aluminum foil and plastic wrap.