Ways To Revive The Furniture In Your Home With Just A Pool Noodle

When we think of pool noodles, we often think of warm summer days spent splashing around in the water. Despite their simple design, there are many ways to relax and have fun with them. Better yet, they serve several purposes around the home and garden. With the rise of social media, more people are coming up with inexpensive solutions for some of our most annoying household issues. There are several TikTok pool noodle hacks that allow you to fix furniture and create stunning decorative pieces around your house. It may be hard to believe you can upgrade your furniture using a floaty, but these ingenious hacks will save you some cash.

During warmer months, pool toys can be found in nearly every store. However, if you want to get the most bang for your buck, the best place to shop is Dollar Tree. Everything they sell is just $1.25, so stock up on pool noodles the next time you're inside. Some hacks require other supplies like hot glue guns and scissors, which you can find at a craft store.

Revive saggy couch cushions

Between rocking back and forth with laughter, kids jumping, and collapsing onto your couch after a long day, the fabric on your couch cushions can become a bit overstretched. Rather than reupholstering your sofa or purchasing new furniture altogether, you can use @veroniqueroulhac on TikTok's genius pool noodle hack to revive worn-out couch cushions. Aside from the floaties, the only thing you'll need for this project is something to cut with, like this utility knife from Michaels. A pair of sharp scissors should also do the trick.

Each couch is different, so first measure yours to determine how many pool noodles you'll need. In most cases, cutting them in half will be the perfect size to fit into the cushions, though larger couches may require most, if not all, of the entire length. Brand sizing can vary, though most are around 50 inches long, with Dollar Trees' foam noodles being 54 inches long. Once you get your supplies, measure and cut accordingly before slipping the foam inside underneath the mat on either side. For material with extra slack, you may need to double up and add a total of four noodles to each cushion.

Keep your couch covers in place

Couch covers protect the fabric from getting dirty from pet hair, spills, and general wear and tear. However, they don't always look as chic as the original piece. The most common culprit is an ill-fitting slip that doesn't stay how you like it. Thankfully, Toy Box Pole Studio shared a clever hack that is much more inexpensive than standard slipcover holders on the market. The best part? You only need a couple of pool noodles to keep your couch covers in place.

This method should work well for most sofas and slipcovers, though you may need to experiment a bit to create the perfect fit. Generally, one full-length pool noodle should be enough to hold the cover in place on the backside of the couch. For longer pieces of furniture, you may need to cut an additional pool noodle in half to keep it put. For the sides, you'll likely need to cut the floaties into smaller pieces to decrease the length and width, or it could be too bulky.

Makeover a chair

Sometimes, old or thrifted furniture has potential but needs a little makeover to bring it to life. Unfortunately, many rehabbing projects can cost more than buying new furniture altogether. This creative pool noodle DIY is an inexpensive way to take something old and make it look brand new. Aside from the foam, you'll likely have everything you need at your house, though you can get all the supplies relatively cheap. This project requires a few pool noodles (depending on the size of your chair,) scissors, a hot glue gun, a staple gun, and either fabric or an old throw blanket.

First, determine how many pool noodles you need based on your chair size. Cut all of your noodles lengthwise and shorten them to the appropriate length. If your chair is rounded, the creator, @erikadoesitherself on TikTok, recommends numbering the strips so they're easier to put together. She also noted that because her fabric was thick and textured, you couldn't see the rounded shape the pool noodles created. So, if you want that extra effect, a thinner material will work best. Hot glue the noodles to the back in the desired arrangement. Cover them with the fabric and hold them in place using a staple gun.

Start the transition to a big kid bed

Having your toddler move from a crib to a bed can be a big decision for both you and your child. Naturally, you worry about your little one tumbling out of bed, especially if they're an active sleeper. A mom came up with the perfect, inexpensive solution to start the transition to a big kid bed that gives families a bit more peace of mind. You'll need two pool noodles and safety pins to adjust their new mattress.

First, tuck a pool noodle on one side of the bed and secure it with safety pins, then repeat the process on the other side. The creator, @theverymarylife, recommends pinning the sheet directly into the mattress. It's also crucial to ensure you aim the needle down to avoid an accidental poke while they sleep. Make the bed as you normally would, pulling the fitted sheet over the pool noodles and mattress. Now you have a safe and stylish bed.

Make a low-cost headboard

If you have an old headboard you want to breathe new life into or want to add to an existing one, then this pool noodle hack may be the perfect solution. The required tools for this project depend on your desired outcome. However, no matter what your end goal looks like, you'll need several pool noodles, a type of backing, duct tape, a staple gun, glue, and fabric to cover them up. The easiest method will be using a headboard you already own to attach the foam to, or you can create a new stylish headboard.

Start by measuring your headboard to determine how many pool noodles you need. For a rounded look, begin by duct-taping 2-3 noodles together, depending on how large you want the top of the arch to be. Use an adhesive glue, like Gorilla spray adhesive, to stick it to the headboard. Staple the bottom of the pool noodle through the holes using a staple gun for extra support. Repeat this process as you add each noodle. Once you have the desired number of layers, cut off any overhang at the bottom. Then, lay a sheet of fabric over the headboard and press it in between each piece of foam. Use a staple gun over each noodle to hold the material in place. If keeping the rectangle shape, the process will be similar, though you just mimic the shape of your headboard.

Add on to your bedframe

Once you update your headboard, why not create a bed frame to match? Adding pool noodles to your existing bed frame will give it a chic new look while also blocking off underneath your bed. No more dropping something only for it to roll into the void beneath your mattress. It will also prevent dust buildup under your bed. If you plan to also do the headboard hack, ensure you get plenty of fabric to get the jobs done. Aside from pool noodles and material, you'll need a staple gun and plywood.

While you can make a bed frame from scratch using this hack, you can also work with an existing bed frame. You can follow this video tutorial closely as long as you have a platform bed. Instead of attaching the boards to each other, you'll need to attach them to the existing frame. You can either leave parts of the metal showing or cover it entirely. To do so, you'll also need industrial-strength glue, like Gorilla Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive. If you have a wooden bedframe, you can use a staple gun to attach the pool noodles and fabric.

Upgrade your basic mirror

Mirrors can make a stunning statement piece in any home, but they can be pricey to purchase new. TikToker @blondesigns created a stunning dupe for a $3,500 mirror, spending only around a total of $80. Although she rounded the top of the mirror, you could easily make this tutorial work for nearly any mirror shape. All that's required for this hack are pool noodles, fabric, a staple gun, fabric adhesive, flexible trim, plywood, and a glass cutter if you plan on reshaping the design. If you don't want to purchase expensive fabric, you can do what the creator did: find curtains or blankets at the thrift store or use some old material you have lying around. 

If you want to create an arched mirror, start by curving the pool noodle over the top and using a glass marker to draw the line. Then, use a glass cutter to cut out the desired shape, following the instructions to ensure a clean cut. Lay the mirror over a piece of plywood, draw a 2-inch border mimicking the same shape, and cut accordingly. Use liquid nails to adhere the mirror to the plywood and let it dry completely. From there, you can follow Annika's tutorial to add the pool noodle effect. To keep the mirror in square or rectangle form, repeat the steps she shares, starting at 00:28 in the video, for both sides.

Turn an old table into modern entryway furniture

Do you have an old table you're unsure what to do with? Surprisingly, pool noodles can take an outdated piece of furniture and make it look brand new again. Aside from the tabletop, this project requires a dozen or so pool noodles, at least two supports (@shellydoesdiy uses thick cardboard tubes), paint, and glue. However, if you plan on redoing a wooden table, you'll likely need a sander to remove any paint or stain to apply a fresh coat. You could even try this hack on an existing entryway table to save time and supplies.

We recommend using PVC pipe for the supports you'll be gluing the pool noodles to. It's incredibly durable and can easily withstand the weight of a heavy tabletop. It's also a good idea to use a heavy-duty glue suitable for foam, wood, and plastic, to ensure it has a good hold. Wipe down your entryway table or tabletop before starting the project. If required, sand the table so you have a fresh surface to work with, and clean it thoroughly. Cut the foam at the appropriate length and use high-quality glue to adhere it to the existing legs or PVC pipe. Apply a couple of coats of paint over the table with your desired color and let it dry completely. Now, all you need to do is add your favorite decorations, and you will have stunning new entryway furniture!