How To Properly Dispose Of Pillows That Might Be Too Far Gone To Donate

Is it time to replace your pillow? It's typically a good idea to swap your old pillow out for a new one every year or two, so if you've been sleeping on the same pillow for over two years, it might be time to say "goodbye" to it instead of your usual "goodnight." But of course, if you've been using your pillow for under a year and aren't comfortable with it anymore because you think it might be low-quality or got too dirty and seems gross, don't use it.

While donating is an excellent option for clean pillows you don't want anymore, don't bother donating a pillow that's too far gone because the item seems icky and will provide more discomfort than it's worth. In these situations, dispose of the old pillow in an environmentally friendly way by bringing it to a textile recycling center rather than letting it turn into waste after you throw it out.

Get creative and repurpose the old pillow

Of course, there is nothing wrong with bringing your old pillow to a textile-specific recycling facility, but if you have a creative side, consider upcycling the worn-out item instead. There are many clever ways to repurpose old cushions, so why not give them a try if you like crafting? For instance, give the old pillow cushions new lives in throw pillows that will dress up your interiors. As long as the cushions or stuffing in the old pillow are still intact, all you have to do is remove that filling, get some clean new throw pillow covers, and put the stuffing or cushion in those chic new covers.

Another way to upcycle the old pillows is to let your pets use them as beds. There are different ways to go about this repurposing idea, ranging from no effort to more advanced skills. If you aren't typically into crafting, just let your pets play on the old pillow as it is and see if they like it. But if you're confident in your sewing abilities, get more creative. For example, if you have an old sweater, too, stuff it with the old pillow stuffing, do some sewing to put the pet bed together, and you'll have a great item for your furry friend. Even if you don't have pets, consider creating a pet bed and giving it as a gift for someone you know with a furry friend in their home.