What Are Hollywood Bathrooms & What Sets Them Apart From The Rest?

The name "Hollywood bathrooms" evokes an air of glamor, a loo worthy enough for a movie star with a golden toilet or chandelier (definitely not to be confused those cringe-worthy Hollywood-style bulb lights that design experts hate). While it is a layout traditionally found in luxury or large homes, a true Hollywood bathroom isn't named for its glitz and glam. What makes these bathrooms distinct is that they are really two rooms. The sink and mirror are in one area separated via a door from the shower, tub, and toilet.

Typically, Hollywood bathrooms are en suite and can connect to more than one bedroom, similar to the design of a Jack and Jill bathroom. The door from each bedroom leads into the area with the sink and mirror. From there, you can access another door that leads to the toilet and shower. Sometimes, the vanity area also has a toilet, so the entry from the bedroom leads to a half bathroom, which you go through to access the bathing facilities. And yes, all these doors can have locks, so you don't have to worry about privacy.

Benefits of a Hollywood bathroom

The main benefit of a Hollywood bathroom is that the design maximizes space. You can still have access to a sink and mirror to apply makeup (similar to a powder room), attend to an injury, or brush your teeth while someone else takes a shower. A double sink is a popular paring and the perfect bathroom vanity for this restroom style to increase functionality and storage further.

This bathroom is ideal for large families and those with children. The layout allows for more than one person to use the space at any given time, so there is no more fighting over who gets to use the restroom first. It can also be a great alternative for a home that doesn't have a separate guest bathroom. Opting for a toilet in the vanity area creates a half bath your invitees can use that is still split from your private tub and shower.