The Bathroom Storage Solution That Will Prevent Messes From Your Toilet Brush

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Cleaning the bathroom is a necessary chore, but people are always looking for tips and tricks to make cleaning their bathrooms easier. Implementing smart bathroom storage solutions to promote less clutter and speed up the day-to-day tidying and satisfying deep cleaning ensures these processes run smoothly. Many people's least favorite part of cleaning the bathroom is the toilet and dealing with a dirty toilet brush afterward. To cleverly help alleviate the stress and mess of a tippy toilet brush, install a wall-mounted toilet brush holder to prevent spills and allow for seamless cleaning underneath.

The United States toilet brush industry was valued at just over $500 million in 2023, and with the average toilet brush costing between $10-$20 each, that's a lot of toilet brushes –- about 25 to 50 million. For such a commonly used and essential cleaning tool, it seems silly to be constantly worried about messes and relocating it to get your bathroom spick and span. A nice-looking wall-mounted toilet brush holder will help ease the process of making your bathroom look clutter-free and sparkling clean.

Wall-mounted toilet brush holders prevent accidental spills

One of many simple ways to boast a clean and clutter-free bathroom is to invest in a wall-mounted toilet brush holder. Because it is secured to the wall, it helps prevent the accidental tipping of a traditional toilet brush, which can spill unsanitary toilet water on your bathroom floor. In addition, because it is raised off the ground, it looks clean and uncluttered. You can sweep and mop freely underneath the toilet brush without moving it, lowering the risk of additional accidental spills. Add a dash of Pine-Sol to the toilet brush cup after each use, a hack that will keep your toilet brush fresh for longer and kill germs. These little yet thoughtful details help keep your bathroom clean daily.

Using a wall-mounted option like this one from Amazon will give you the functional benefits of a secure raised toilet brush holder while also being aesthetically pleasing. Matching the decor in your bathroom will help make the toilet brush holder look consistent with the other hardware and less of an unsightly afterthought. It is truly the best of both worlds when a cleaning storage solution like the wall-mounted toilet brush can be extremely functional and nice to look at.