Jenn Todryk Got A Bunch Of Mystery Plants From Amazon. Should You?

Jenn Todryk, the host of HGTV's "No Demo Reno," is unafraid to express her love for indoor plants. When completing renovations on her show, she often uses greenery to elevate the living spaces. And while she may have opted for faux plants in years past, Todryk has learned the benefits of incorporating real plants into her designs, even for those who may not have a green thumb. If you find yourself dabbling in the idea of becoming a plant parent, you may be surprised to learn that Todryk gets some of her indoor plants from Amazon.

On her Instagram, Todryk said that she had ordered an array of plants for her home from Amazon. The specific product is the Costa Farms Live Houseplants, which comes in a pack of six for about $35. The pack has a variety of different nursery plants, including Dracaena, Dieffenbachia, peace lily, ivy, and Peperomia, but the plants you receive will vary. Here's what you can expect from these plants and whether they are the right choice for your home.

What to consider when buying plants from Amazon

Jenn Todryk offers valuable houseplant advice, whether you are new to indoor gardening or just looking to enhance what you already have. But before you follow this piece of guidance, it's important to understand exactly what these plants are. For newbies, the Costa plants Todryk purchased can be a great starting point, as it gives you different varieties at a low cost, so you won't feel too bad if you fail to keep them growing. While the pack you buy will be a variety of plants chosen by the brand, all of them will be clean plants, meaning they fall under the "purifier" category and help remove indoor toxins. 

Most purchasers were happy with the Costa plants. One reviewer said that the plants have grown very well since they bought them. On the other hand, the reviewer also pointed out that there was some damage that seemed to have occurred during shipping, and that some of the plants she received came in pots that were unable to protect the plants properly. Some commenters on Todryk's Instagram expressed concern over the amount of packaging the plants arrived in, advising the star to shop local instead. Overall, Amazon plants can be a great segway into houseplants, but know that you have other options as well.

Other online plant delivery options to consider

While Amazon plant delivery is a great and easy option, consider other plant delivery services. If budget isn't your biggest concern, you may want to consider The Sill, an online plant delivery service that offers live and faux plants. Their services are ideal for beginners as they offer subscription options that send out "easy to care for" live plants and even options for those with pets or who are unsure where to start their plant journey. Beyond the subscriptions, you can also buy plants individually and the options include everything from a money tree, a parlor palm, or even a cuddly cactus. Plus, if you live in California, Illinois, Maryland, or New York, you can visit their in-person retail shops. 

Other online delivery plant options include Bloomscape, which lets you filter your plant options for things like low-light areas and level of difficulty to care for. If you are a true newbie and really want to learn how to excel at the plant parent thing, Horti is another great choice. Not only do they send you indoor plants, they also teach you how to care for them and successfully add more plants. A similar option is Rooted, which has been praised for its high quality of shipping. You can also find some gorgeous indoor plants on Etsy, just be sure to check user reviews as each seller will offer a different level of quality.