Add Extra Storage To Your IKEA Closet With A Smart Valet System

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Extra closet storage? Never heard of it. If this resonates with you, finding little tricks and hacks to expand on the space where you keep your clothes could be a total lifesaver. Whether your closet is overflowing or you're simply looking for genius closet storage hacks, one option, in particular, could be the answer you've been waiting for. Valet rods might sound like something that belongs at a hotel pickup and drop-off, but these extenders are actually easily available online for anyone who wants to provide a little more space inside their wardrobe. By attaching them to the sides of your IKEA closet shelves or directly onto a wall, you instantly create an extendable rack that can house tons of different items.

Valet rods may look like something out of a celebrity's closet, but you can find a whole variety of affordable options, like this Amazon Valet Rod ($24.98). This style is simplistic and would fit well with a wardrobe that features a lot of minimalistic aspects or shelving that displays items. If you'd prefer something more utilitarian, the Walmart Pull Out Valet Rod ($4.99) provides the functionality of this design without the stylish aspect of the retractable track. 

An easy, minimalistic space saver

Deciding what kind of rod you want to install and what will work best with your closet is the first step when it comes to this helpful space saver. The retractable options are ideal for anyone who doesn't want extra storage that's visible or in the way, and the sleek design allows you to hang an outfit you plan to wear on it or to drape accessories you want to use for easy access. The IKEA KOMPLEMENT ($20.00) has individual hangers on a rack so that your items can face inward to keep them disguised but still handy.

Suppose you just need a small amount of extra storage that is both unassuming and compact. In that case, the IKEA KOMPLEMENT Valet Hanger ($5.00) can be attached to a corner of your shelving for extra hanger space. If you already own IKEA shelving in your closet, a lot of their pieces come with pre-drilled holes that you can add these to, otherwise you can drill your valet rod directly into your fixtures or walls to secure them. They give your wardrobe an instant upgrade while also acting as a functional solution for lack of space. 

Curious about what it feels like to have a bougie closet like your favorite A-listers? Just add one of these to find out! While there are quite a few IKEA closet storage hacks you can try to add space to your wardrobe, this is definitely one of the simplest that still provides some chic functionality at the same time. And, if you're taking this opportunity to do a big clear-out, keep the biggest mistakes to avoid when cleaning your closet in mind.