The Pros & Cons Of Turning Your Backyard Into A Palm Tree Oasis

The appearance of palm trees often signifies a tropical haven, giving off vacation vibes to homeowners. Whether you opt for smaller palms for your garden setting or choose to bring the beautiful plant indoors and grow a potted palm tree inside your home, adding palm trees can be a great idea. Palm trees have a ton of pros beyond their appearance, including the fact that they are low maintenance, but they can also pose some issues when planting them in your backyard.

If you are currently dreaming of sitting outside in your backyard and looking up to see the beauty of palm leaves, it's important to understand that with that beauty can come things like pests, damage to the underground where the trees are planted, and more. And while palm trees are not considered high maintenance, they do require trimming, which can be tricky if you opt for tall palms over short ones. Before you keep daydreaming about your palm tree oasis, here are the pros and cons of palm trees you'll want to consider first.

Pros of planting palm trees in your backyard

When we picture palm trees in a backyard, we often think of homes in Florida and California. But many may be surprised to learn that certain palm trees can actually grow in pretty much any climate, including the bitter cold of Alaskan winters. Depending on the species of palm – if you do live in a colder climate, you will want to look at Queen Palms or Date Palms — you can choose to plant palm trees in your backyard and get the benefit of their beauty while not having to worry about them dying in the cold or being knocked over in strong winds or bad weather.

In addition to their durability and beauty, palm trees require very little maintenance. Most palms do not need maintenance at all, while others will require trimming from time to time. If you are opting for the tall palm trees you see lining the streets of Palm Beach, you may need to hire a company to help you trim, as they can be quite tricky to prune. If the shorter palms are more your speed, you can simply trim them yourself — otherwise, palm trees require very little to stay strong and healthy.

Cons of planting palms in your backyard

Palm trees are a great addition to almost any backyard — they provide enough beauty on their own, allowing you to create an oasis without doing much else in terms of landscaping. But, just like any other plant, palm trees are not perfect. Before you plant palm trees, you must ensure you are planting them correctly. Palm tree roots run deep, and with that can come damage to things buried underground, like your sewage or water lines. Palms, due to their large size, can also cause damage to above-ground things, like your driveway or sidewalk. To prevent this issue, avoid planting palms too close to any structural items.

Beyond the structural aspects, palms can also be a breeding ground for pests. Many will be surprised to learn that one specific rodent, the rat, loves palm trees just as much as we do and often builds its nests in palm fronds. Palm trees are also susceptible to fungus and other diseases spread by insects, which can cause them to die rapidly and need to be removed. To avoid these things from happening, make sure you are planting your palm in the right place, treating it with care, and trimming it when needed.