Turn Dollar Tree Picture Frames Into A Cute DIY Greenhouse On A Budget

Mini greenhouses can be both a functional way to protect and cultivate plants and a stunning decor accent that evokes a Victorian or biophilic décor look. However, these small glass greenhouses can be expensive when bought from retailers, as well as very fragile, which may have you questioning whether they are worth the expense. Fortunately, internet DIYers have been creating adorable mini greenhouses with a budget-friendly spin using picture frames. Dollar Tree's wood frames are perfect for this project with a few modifications, providing a gloriously stylish enclosure for small plants and other items. 

You will need at least six Dollar Tree frames and a hot glue gun to create your greenhouse, which you can do in a couple of different formats, including a freestanding covered greenhouse or a tent-style greenhouse perfect for protecting outdoor plants. While Dollar Tree's selection of frames is great, you can also create a similar design with different-sized old picture frames or thrift store finds. 

Creating a greenhouse from picture frames

Begin by preparing your frames by removing everything but the glass from the frame itself. You can use this as an opportunity to paint them your desired shade or seal the wood frames for outdoor use. Once the outer frame is ready, run a line of hot glue around the perimeter of the glass so that it stays fixed in the frame.

To make the greenhouse, attach the side of each frame to the others in a cube shape using hot glue where they fasten together. Create the top of the greenhouse by attaching two leaning frames together with glue. Add a knob to the top for easy removal of the lid or simply as a decorative accent. Using a similar method, you can also create a tent enclosure to place over plants. Lean two frames together and attach them together with hot glue or small hinges. You can also use old windows for a larger version of this DIY greenhouse project.

Styling and using your mini-greenhouse

Outdoors, the benefits of small greenhouses are obvious. Like a larger greenhouse, the small glass enclosure not only traps heat and allows in light, but it can help shelter plants from wind, excess moisture, and some of the larger animals that may eat them. Mini-greenhouses are also a great addition for growing and cultivating plants on a porch or balcony if you don't have a yard. Create a fun fairy garden indoors or out by mixing plants with small figurines, stones, and decorative objects.

Indoors, use your mini greenhouse as a place to keep succulents and other tiny terrarium plants safe from dust and pets. They are also a great way to group plants together with other objects on a shelf, mantel, or coffee table for a polished look. Try some plants or flowers intermixed with candles or other objects for a stylish centerpiece option that's perfect for summertime dinner parties or weddings.