The Timeless Paint Shade That'll Turn Your Small Bathroom Into A Relaxing Escape

Many of us have been caught daydreaming about spa-inspired bathrooms that will make you feel like you're on a retreat. If you've tried trendy upgraded showerheads, whirlpool tubs, and LED lighting, you may feel like you've done everything to make your small bathroom a relaxing, refreshing space, but you still can't seem to replicate that resort-like vibe, even on your best self-care days. When it comes to designing and decorating a small bathroom, wall color can be one of the most crucial choices you'll make, but what shade is perfect for a breezy, relaxing aesthetic? Take those cucumber slices off your eyes for a moment; the answer is right in front of you. If you're looking for a paint color that will exude a little zen into your bathroom space, you can't go wrong with a simple sage green. 

Sage green has been extremely trendy in recent years, and it can work anywhere in a home, but it's a stunning color choice for bathroom walls. There's something about sage green that is inherently soothing and spa-like — think fragrant eucalyptus branches, cool cucumber slices, and refreshing matcha green tea. Here's why sage green should be your go-to color and the best shade to consider when designing the relaxing bathroom of your dreams. 

Sage green feels natural and nourishing

When in doubt, you can always depend on sage green paint colors to make your home feel calming. Look outside your window, and you'll likely see that green is the most prominent color outdoors. As humans, we tend to correlate green with nature. According to a 2019 study published in Scientific Reportsbeing in nature makes us feel relaxed, grounded, and connected to the Earth. Bright leafy green can be a little too energized in a small bathroom, especially if you're aiming for a more soothing, spa-like effect, but sage green offers the same liveliness in a more neutral, workable palette. Aside from its correlation with nature, we also tend to relate the color green to health, freshness, rejuvenation, abundance, and positivity.

As bathrooms transition away from the bright white of yesteryear, sage green has practically become the new neutral. This pleasing green shade pairs beautifully with other natural elements in the bathroom, like speckled granite, clean white marble, or dark slate surfaces. Both light and dark woodgrains can be enhanced by sage green, and when it's used as a backdrop for decor and towels in bold colors like fuschia, orange, or peacock blue, the sage marries them into a cohesive garden-like palette. Finally, sage green is an excellent choice for bathrooms, in particular, because it incorporates well into bold tile patterns and compliments any fixture finish, whether it be silver, gold, bronze, or sleek black. 

Settling into the perfect shade of sage green

For the most relaxing effect, it may be best to lean toward a sage with cool, muted undertones — think a soft sea foam green instead of a bright, invigorating lime green. A warm-toned green, although pretty, also runs the risk of feeling slimy in a bathroom setting. Cool-toned sage, on the other hand, evokes images of soap suds, refreshing cucumbers, and tropical surf. For small bathrooms, a light sage may be preferable to bounce more light and freshness throughout the space, but if you have enough natural lighting, your bathroom may be able to handle the weight of a richer, more grounding dark sage.

For color inspiration, look to shades like Slow Green, Jadite, or Kind Green by Sherwin-Williams. Still can't decide on a paint color to use in your home? Sea Salt from HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams is a popular shade of sage that's nearly gray, making it a go-to for homeowners and designers. "Welcoming and inviting, the tranquility of this tinted green hue crafts a space that helps quiet the mind to relax and unwind," says Ashley Banbury, color marketing manager for the HGTV Home line (via Architectural Digest). No matter what shade you settle on, sage green is sure to make you look forward to your next bathroom spa night.