Try This Clever IKEA TRONES DIY To Hide Your Garden Hose In Style

Hoses and other outdoor garden essentials can be difficult to store. Left out, they can lead to a cluttered look; hidden away, they often aren't nearby when you need them the most. Hoses can be especially ungainly, prone to unraveling, leaking, and general damage and deterioration from the elements. However, Instagram's @ikeacreativeideas has a perfect solution for stowing a garden hose inconspicuously and neatly along the exterior of your home: IKEA's famous TRONES units — designed for stowing shoes — can make perfect suspended hose storage units with a couple of modifications.

The TRONES units are very popular among IKEA DIY enthusiasts for creating everything from space-conscious bedside tables to fun home bar spaces. They're made of polypropylene plastic, which makes them durable, water-safe, and excellent for outdoor use. They are also inexpensive compared to hose caddies available from other retailers, with each TRONES cabinet costing only around $20 each.

Using a TRONES unit to store your hose

To transform a TRONES cabinet into a hose storage cubby, begin by drilling or cutting a hole in the back that fits around the outdoor water spigot. TRONES units come with their own wall mounts, which securely adhere units easily to any wall surface.

To adapt the TRONES for hose storage, remove the front portion that closes and cut away the back of the hatch with a utility knife so that the entire inside is open. This allows ample room for a coiled hose that is still attached to the faucet and ready to use. TRONES units are also great for storing related outdoor items like gardening tools, gloves, planters, and potting soil, particularly if you do not have an outdoor shed or garage and need a weatherproof solution. They can also house rolled-up extension cords securely. Because they are inexpensive, you can use several along the exterior of your home, fence, or garden wall.

To customize your TRONES unit, paint the exterior the same color as your home for a seamless look that makes both the hose and faucet vanish. The top surface is also a great spot to add a small window box of flowers or an assemblage of potted plants to further disguise the unit.