The Cabinet Tower Solution That'll Add Storage Space In Your Tight Bathroom

Homeowners and renters alike are always on the lookout for the best tips and tricks to make the most out of a small bathroom, especially when it comes to smart storage solutions. Efficiency is key when space is at a premium, and keeping a small bathroom uncluttered is vital to making it feel larger. This means that the more storage you maximize out of sight, the more elevated and spacious it will seem, not to mention it will add a ton of functionality behind the scenes. One TikToker shows us how he built his own DIY bathroom tower with just some plywood, hardwood boards, and some hardware to add a ton of vertical storage to his bathroom with only about a square foot of countertop space reallocated.

While there are some really cool hidden storage ideas that are perfect for adding space to your bathroom, a simple tall linen tower between your double sinks is a fantastic way to add a ton of extra storage space on a very small footprint without the need to reframe or modify your bathroom or vanity cabinets. Since it simply sits on the countertop, it is an easy weekend DIY that even a renter could potentially add to their space. With the potential to house toiletries, beauty products, extra towels, cleaning supplies, first aid, and so much more, this DIY tower could be the perfect storage solution for your tight bathroom.

How to make a bathroom linen tower cabinet

To make a similar bathroom linen storage tower, take measurements of your bathroom vanity to see what size will work best in your space. Be sure to give plenty of elbow room, leaving no less than 4-6" on each side of the sink, as well exposed countertop in front of the new cabinet. Once you have your dimensions determined, measure out the panel sizes you will need and cut the plywood to size.

Lay out the pieces for assembly, adhering the back panel to the side panels with glue and nails followed by the shelves and top. While the TikToker routed notches for the shelves to fit, DIY beginners could just slide the shelves between the side panels and secure each side and/or back with wood supports underneath. The TikToker also kept the bottom section backless to allow for seamless routing around the countertop splash, which would also work nicely for exposing any electrical outlets as needed. Trim out the front with 1x2 finish boards to cover the front of the shelf and any supports required for them, then bolt it to the studs in the wall for security to prevent tipping. The TikTok video finished off the cabinet with crown molding and a single door, followed by caulking and painting to match the vanity.

Other bathroom linen cabinet options and customization

To customize the build, rather than stopping the cabinet short and adding crown molding like the TikTok, you could opt to go to the ceiling and trim it out with a flat molding for a more contemporary look. DIYers could also add holes to make the shelves adjustable — it's not as tough as you think, as you can get perfect holes every time with this must-have portable drill guide accessory. If you are feeling really ambitious, consider adding one or two short drawers at the bottom of the cabinet for extra small item storage. Finally, you could explore other door options to match the aesthetics of your home, such as glass paneling, mesh or woven panels, or even small vertical double doors to reduce the swing in a tight space.

Finishing your linen tower could be as simple as matching the paint on your vanity, but you could also use a stainable-quality plywood and stain the cabinets to get a natural wood tone if that's suited to the look of your home. A tall, unique hardware pull could be just the dramatic statement and little bit of jewelry the space needs to sparkle. But not to worry — if you are not the DIY type when it comes to building or finishing, there are premade options you can purchase and simply mount to the wall on top of your countertop, like this one from Wayfair, which is already painted and has hardware installed, ready to go!