Our Extermination Expert Tells Us If Coffee Grounds Can Be Used As A Natural Pest Control

When pests take a liking to your home or garden, getting rid of them becomes a top priority. While commercial pesticides are a tried-and-true method, many are opting for natural pest control means instead. Going the all-natural route is eco-friendly and non-toxic, which is ideal for your home and the environment. Coffee grounds are a popular DIY repellent, but do they actually work? In an exclusive House Blog interview, John D'Abruzzo with Truly Nolen Pest Control said that coffee grounds are indeed effective as an eco-friendly way to keep bugs out of your garden and home.

D'Abruzzo is Truly Nolen Pest Control's area manager for the Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Treasure Coast areas in Florida. He said, "The smell of coffee grounds actually works very well as a pest control repellent. Smoldering coffee grounds work even better, as some insects will associate the smell of smoke with a fire." D'Abruzzo shared tips on how best to use coffee grounds for its repellent powers and other natural pest control options to keep your space bug-free.

How to use coffee grounds to repel pests

To reap the pest control benefits of coffee grounds, all you need to do is sprinkle them around areas where you don't want the critters. "It will repel some insects such as mosquitoes, fruit flies, beetles, and other flying pests," John D'Abruzzo exclusively told House Blog. Creating a border with coffee grounds is also a way to stop ticks from taking over your lawn. Simply dust the bean powder around outdoor furniture, garden beds, or near exterior doors to deter pests from harming your plants or entering your home.

"If mixed with hot water, and a 2-inch band is applied where needed, the smell of the coffee grounds should last for about a week," D'Abruzzo said. So after your morning cup of Joe, save the caffeinated remains and spread them in high-traffic insect areas. It will not only repel the insects without any harsh chemicals, but when used in the yard or garden, it can also benefit your plants' growth.

Benefits of coffee grounds as a natural pest repellent

While you reap the benefits of a pest-free property, your yard and garden can profit from the weekly dose of coffee grounds, too. "Regular use of coffee grounds around plant beds will also aid in adding organic material to the soil and thereby helping with plant growth," John D'Abruzzo shared in an exclusive interview with House Blog. "It will also keep the pH balance of the soil neutral, so the lawn will not be affected." It makes a remarkable use for leftover coffee grounds around your home.

According to our expert, coffee isn't the only odor insects run from. "Bugs hate the smells associated with repellency, such as lavender, citronella, peppermint, vinegar, and geranium," D'Abruzzo said. "These oils are considered a natural way of driving away bugs from your home without harming you, your family, and other animals." They might not have the fertilizing boost for your plants as coffee grounds would, but they'll help repel any critters trying to invade.