Colorful Glass Tile Backsplashes Are Trending. Nail The Look With These Design Tips

Once, all-white designs reigned supreme, but kitchens are now seeing an overhaul of color. It began with painted cabinetry, but now colorful glass tiles are expected to trend for kitchen backsplashes. These details add a pop of color without overwhelming the room and overall design. And because they're glass, they tend to be a little more translucent, which is great for those who don't want a room full of saturated color. This means you can find the best kitchen backsplash color that matches your aesthetic. Glass tile is also versatile, being available in a wide range of colors as well as a few different styles and shapes.

Because it reflects light, glass backsplash tile is also a good option for smaller or darker kitchens. The extra light bouncing around the room can help it appear brighter and more open. It's also one of the easiest materials to clean, and it's not porous, which means it'll wipe down quickly and won't stain as easily, a major benefit for busy kitchens or those who like to cook a lot. Though it's expected to be a trending material in the upcoming years, glass tiles are also timeless, so you're sure to love them for years to come. They're also easy to customize and make your own, so you can create a standout feature in your kitchen.

Embrace color and texture

Designers are loving colorful glass tiles in the kitchen and it's not hard to see why. There are plenty of options that allow you to bring a pop to your space. Consider calming shades of blue and green, such as this classic glass subway tile from Wayfair. These nature-inspired colors will make your kitchen a tranquil space to cook in. They're also the best option if you're dipping your toe into decorating with color. However, if you're looking for bolder options, vibrant reds and yellows are a great choice.

Or, if you really want to make a statement, consider iridescent tile like the Splash Glacier from Tile Bar. It has the classic Subway shape but reflects a prism of color when light shines on it. This tile is definitely unique and a great way to make a statement in the kitchen. You can ground this unique tile with natural wood-toned cabinets or neutral-painted cabinets to ensure the design isn't overwhelmed. However, playing with color in unexpected ways will help you fully embrace the trend.

Color and texture go hand in hand to create visual interest. You should add texture to your home, and doing it through a kitchen backsplash is a good way. Opt for beveled tiles to add more texture to the room. The slanted sides and raised centers create a three-dimensional look that will make the eye dance across the room. Textured is great when paired with softer colors for backsplash tiles.

Mix up shapes and materials

If you want to play with color, you can also play with shape to make a backsplash more interesting. A glass mosaic of small rectangular tiles is a go-to for many homeowners, but there are funkier styles available. The Flow Wave mosaic tile from Home Depot and the pebble mosaic from Floor & Decor both have unique shapes that can add some movement to the kitchen. Opting for a shape that's a little more unique can take this latest backsplash trend to the next level and create an eye-catching backsplash design.

However, if uniquely shaped tiles aren't your go-to just yet, you can still opt for the classic glass subway tile and use a non-traditional layout, like herringbone, chevron, or basketweave to make it more interesting. Or you can combine the two. Use a simple glass tile throughout the kitchen and one with an unconventional shape as an accent piece behind the stove or on a featured wall. This can help ground a bolder tile option.

You can also opt to mix materials with the glass tile. Using stone along with the glass can break up some of the colors and infuse some natural elements into the design. There are backsplash tiles that already have a pattern, allowing the glass to be more of an accent rather than the main feature. With so many options for glass tile, it's no wonder it's an up-and-coming trend.