Does This Cream Of Tartar Hack Really Work To Banish Hard Water Stains?

Hard water stains can just about ruin any fixture in your home when it comes to appearance. After putting in time and effort to design, decorate, and care for your bathrooms, nothing is as frustrating as tough soap scum residue or limescale lingering on your metal, glass, or porcelain fixtures. With various methods to clear hard water stains available, this buildup doesn't have to turn your bathroom into the black sheep of your dwelling. One easy way is to consider using cream of tartar. Fighting soap scum is just another one of the many unexpected uses for cream of tartar around your home

Combined with hydrogen peroxide, this powder can create a paste that scrubs away any hard water residue that has accumulated on your bathroom fixtures. To remove soap scum with cream of tartar, mix it with hydrogen peroxide to build up a solid paste substance. On your hard water stains, allow it to soak into the buildup for at least half an hour. You can use a toothbrush to scrub the paste into the soap scum, which should help loosen the stuck-on detritus. It's one of the easiest ways to clean soap scum off your bathroom surfaces.

A Cream of Tartar and Hydrogen Peroxide paste will dissolve soap scum

Cream of tartar is so effective at cleaning hard water stains because the acidity found in the powder dissolves mineral buildup, which calcifies over time, making it hard for all cleaning products to remove. Breaking the mineral deposits is key to ridding your bathroom of hard water stains. This solution could easily be added to one of the best ways to clean hard water stains on toilets, faucets, and glass.

Mixing cream of tartar with hydrogen peroxide creates a super paste filled with acidic properties so that hard water stains like soap scum or limescale will disappear from your surfaces. Rinse away your cleaner with clean water to avoid leaving a film that could make appliances or glass look dirty. Brushes are ideal for scrubbing the paste into porcelain or on faucet fixtures, while a microfiber cloth is better for glass. Mix equal parts hydrogen peroxide and cream of tartar so your blend is thick enough to cover all areas that need to be cleaned thoroughly. Keep this hack handy whenever you notice hard water stains for an easy clean!