How Long Do Govee Permanent Outdoor Lights Really Last? Here's What We Know

If you love installing outdoor lights or you're simply coerced into tackling the chore at various points throughout the year, you are familiar with some of the challenges that come with outdoor illumination. One of the common frustrations is the lifespan of many outdoor string lights that burn out in as little as a few weeks or several months. When all is said and done, it can be a money pit to try to keep your home's exterior looking bright and inviting. Enter Govee LED Permanent Outdoor Lights.

Govee has taken much of the annoyance out of hanging string lights for the perfect outdoor setting (no matter the time of year) thanks to their so-called permanent outdoor lights. While you may scoff at such a claim, the product's specifications are truly impressive. A strand of Govee lights may not last a lifetime, but the company claims that they are designed to offer illumination for up to 50,000 hours. When broken down into eight-hour chunks (the amount of time many families would have them lit up in the evenings) that works out to over 17 years of outdoor lighting.

A few details about Govee's lights

Govee is a somewhat revolutionary outdoor lighting solution, especially compared to glass bulb light strings that shatter, burn out quickly, or stop working altogether. A string of Govee lights will cost you $199 for a 50-foot strand (making them an investment you'll likely have to budget for) and they are easily attachable to the exterior of your home, usually mounted to a home's soffit — the flat surface underneath and opposite the roof — with 3M adhesive strips. While they do cost a pretty penny, you may be able to justify the expense if you consider how much it costs to install lighting on your porch and choose to replace traditional outdoor security lighting with Govee outdoor lights.

The lights are designed for the elements and water resistant, waterproof, and energy efficient. They are operational between the temperatures of -4 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit, which covers much of the U.S., even in winter. The lights also come with a three-year warranty and two color options for the wire — white or black — as well as in a variety of lengths, depending on your needs. For a brighter lighting experience, you can also look into Govee's "Pro" version of their permanent outdoor lights.

Applications for Govee's fun and customizable lights

While all of these features are impressive, perhaps the best feature of all is the totally customizable light shows you can put on with the help of Govee. Whether choosing the basic or pro version, Govee offers you a whopping 16 million colors, so even if it can only deliver half as many hues, you will quite literally never run out of new options to test. These lights are controllable from a convenient app, as well as via voice control and can be dimmed and the colors set to whatever hue you desire. If you're experiencing decision paralysis, you can always choose a pre-set-colored lights show, be that green and red for Christmas, blue and white for Hanukkah, orange and black for Halloween, or even a splash of romance for Valentine's Day with pink and white.

While it's easy to imagine Govee's lights lining the front of your home, so as to increase curb envy among your neighbors, they can just as easily be installed on the backside of your house where they can be enjoyed by your family, lend an element of fun to your upcoming barbeque with friends, provide the kids a disco-lights pool party, or set the mood to enjoy a glass of wine with your partner. If you're in need of some more inspiration, read up on the many lighting ideas that can brighten up your deck.