Turn Basic Candles Into A Statement Piece With A Stunning Paper Napkin Hack

Candles are incredibly versatile. Besides being a shining beacon of light, there are several beautiful ways to decorate your home with candles — be it in your living room, bathroom, patio, bedroom, or kitchen. However, if you're tired of using the plain candles and aren't too keen on spending money on the decorative ones, there's a simple hack to turn your basic candles into a statement piece. TikTok user @our_upcycled_life uses autumn-themed paper napkins to upgrade her white candles into fall-worthy decor pieces. She achieves this by melding the napkin onto the candle's surface using a little heat.

Give your candles a custom look by switching the napkin, depending on their purpose and occasion. For instance, a snowman-themed napkin would complement your Christmas decor well. Similarly, a napkin that matches your china's color scheme will add oomph to your table decorations. You can even cut out the designs you like and meld them on top instead of using the entire napkin. So, if you want to bring life back to your dusty candles and give them a much-needed makeover, gather a few decorative paper napkins, a roll of wax (or contact) paper, a safety pin, scissors, and a heat gun (if you don't have one handy, a blow dryer or a mini craft iron works, too). Although you're free to mix and match the candle and the paper napkin designs, find a napkin that has the same base tone as your candle (or vice versa) for a more professional look.

How to turn your basic candles into stunning decorative pieces

After you have gathered the supplies, use the safety pin to carefully separate the decorative layer of the napkin from the white ones. The number of layers you'll have to discard depends on the quality of the napkin and if it's 3-ply or 2. Now, do a dry run and wrap the decorative layer around the candle to ensure it's big enough to cover its surface. If the napkin is too big for your candle, trim it down to avoid dealing with the extra length later.

Once you're satisfied, lay down some wax paper (ensure it's bigger than the candle's length), place the candle on top, and wrap the napkin (with the decorative side facing outward) around the candle. Now, bunch the wax paper tightly at the back, plug in your heat gun or blow dryer (at the highest setting), and apply heat to the candle. The goal is to fuse the napkin and candle together without melting it. So, don't apply too much heat. As soon as the wax paper becomes transparent, it's your cue to move to another area. Continue till you have the entire candle covered before removing the wax paper. Voila! Your decorative candle is ready for display. However, avoid burning them without protection since the fused paper is quite flammable. Place them inside a votive holder (or another thick glass jar) since they're one of the cheapest (and safest) ways to use candles for gorgeous displays.