The IKEA TRONES Headboard Hack That Sneaks Extra Storage Into Any Bedroom

Are you constantly waging a battle with your home to find more storage? Inventing ways to incorporate more space can bring out the creative in anyone, but what if the solution doesn't have to be that complicated? IKEA storage was made for large and small homes, so it's easy to use different pieces for multiple purposes. Headboards are great for decor, but what if you could combine style with functionality to build more room within your sleeping area? The IKEA TRONES has become a popular choice for hidden shoe storage, but social media users have found ever more inventive ways to utilize it. One clever way you could incorporate the TRONES in your bedroom is by using it as a headboard, with the perk of built-in storage.

This piece is slim in design, making it a great option for a backboard that won't push your bed out too far from the wall. The unassuming design provides just enough space to keep items you want in your bedroom, without compromising floor area or too much wall real estate, too. The TRONES can add bedroom extra storage in a variety of ways, but this might be the most clever.

Stack or suspend the TRONES for easy access

The IKEA TRONES comes in a vertical pair of cubbies. These sit at 15 3/8 " high, so it's important to keep your bed frame, box spring, and mattress size in mind. If your bed sits higher than the TRONES standard, you can stack them on top of one another to create a taller headboard. You can also add pairs horizontally to create a length that will stretch across the width of your bed, providing more storage for each pair. The main thing to consider when using the TRONES as part of your bed's frame is that some of the cabinets will be covered by your mattress, so in order to utilize the storage of those, you might want to fill empty cubbies with items you don't need easy access to before pushing the bed up against the piece.

The higher you stack the cabinets, the more space you will have to keep anything, from clothing to knick-knacks and even books, above your mattress. Another option is to mount the TRONES to your wall so it is suspended above your floor behind the bed. This will keep everything in the cabinets within easy reach, and you can place pillows up against the doors when you're not using it to create a more "headboard" appearance that doesn't look out of place behind your bedding.

Enhance the TRONES with lighting

For an even more elevated finish, you can add light strips like the IKEA ORMANÄS around the cabinet, using these as a border to distinguish the TRONES from the wall. These strips are simple but provide both dimension and style to a plainer fixture, illuminating it so that the cabinet looks like more than just cubbies nailed to the wall. These lights will also help you see what you're reaching for when it's dark, and the softer ambiance isn't too overpowering, even if they are the only light source.

If you prefer to paint or decorate your IKEA TRONES to match your aesthetic, there are a variety of ways to upgrade it, too. The added storage is simple and easily disguised, but brings extra room that will help you hide everything from bedding to accessories that take up more valuable drawer or closet space elsewhere. The $39.99 two-pack is budget-friendly, and while a headboard isn't really necessary for every bed, extra storage and the design element give you more bang for your buck.