Why You Should Use A Toothbrush To Clean Your Dryer's Lint Trap

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reported in a 2020 research study that 32% of dryer fires were caused by improper cleaning of the dryer vent, unit, and trap. Regular, thorough cleaning is essential to the optimized functionality of the dryer, as well as for the safety of your family. Successfully cleaning lint from your dryer includes everything from the exterior vent, through the dryer itself, up through the lint trap holder, and finally in the mesh lint trap filter. The lint trap is the first line of defense for the lint-catching system and by far the easiest to access and clean, so it is important to clean it well and frequently. Using a toothbrush is an effective and easy way to streamline the cleaning process for both the regular removal of lint from the trap after every dryer use, as well as to periodically scrub your trap for a deep clean to remove build-up.

With its stiff bristles that are still gentle on surfaces and small heads that can fit into tight spaces, there are so many brilliant ways to use a toothbrush to clean around the house. People swear by using toothbrushes for detail cleaning like tile grout, air vents, computer keyboards, among many others, and your mesh dryer lint trap should be no exception. Use this handy household cleaning tool to more effectively remove lint trapped in your filter, as well as to scrub off the built-up gunk from dryer products as a regular part of your cleaning routine.

Cleaning your dryer vent trap with a toothbrush

Everyone knows to empty the lint trap every time you finish using the dryer to keep it safe and working its best. What many people don't realize is that cleaning the mesh by hand leaves a lot of small particles that get stuck in the holes of the trap. As TikTok shows us, even when a lint trap is cleaned out by hand, using a toothbrush to get in between all of the mesh holes proves there is a ton of lint left behind that the toothbrush does an amazing job of removing. Therefore, store a lint-cleaning toothbrush in your laundry room to more effectively clean out your lint trap every time you use the dryer instead of using your hands.

Another important thing to know is that your lint trap needs a periodic deep clean to remove residue that has accumulated, which is made worse if you use fabric softener or dryer sheets. Start by using the toothbrush to clean the dry lint trap as if you had just finished using the dryer. Then prepare a soak of vinegar, mild dish soap, and warm water, and use these simple household cleaning essentials to clean your dirty lint trap, leaving it submerged for 30 minutes. Once it has soaked, use the toothbrush to give it a good scrub to remove residue and leave your lint trap sparkling clean, allowing it to fully dry before reinserting it into the machine.