Home Town's Erin Napier Defends An Unpopular Design Choice On A Porch Renovation

In March 2024, Ben and Erin Napier unveiled their first ever new build — but not everyone was thrilled with how it turned out. In particular, critics had a lot to say about Erin's choice to forego an arched porch in favor of an awning. However, as the "Home Town" star pointed out in her response to the backlash, costs had everything to do with that decision. 

Taking to Instagram after the "Old World, New Build" episode aired, Erin explained that an arched porch would have set her and the team back a whopping $3,500. That, she explained, "Would have made it too expensive to have any woodwork and larger trim inside." Given that she and Ben had also planned on using Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) in the home's interior — which is costly, but as experts say, worth the investment — splurging on that arched porch just didn't make sense. 

That Erin's choice came down to saving money isn't exactly surprising. After all, the Napiers are known for their savvy, budget-friendly renovation tips. And, as with past advice, there's a lot of wisdom in their methods for viewers to take away. So, if you've been toying with the idea of an arched porch to add some old world charm to your home, but cost is stopping you, a striped awning is your Erin-approved alternative.

Awnings are a cost-effective option, packed with charm

For their "Old World, New Build" home, Ben and Erin Napier selected a muted, olive green striped awning. That worked perfectly with their general penchant for warm, soft colors that give off a cozy vibe. If "Home Town" is your go-to for inspiration, you can go right ahead and look for something similar. Walmart stocks light green striped awnings for around $150. That said, you could also head to your local fabric shop, seek out an even closer match to the Napiers' awning, and ask how much it would cost to have one made for you. 

If, on the other hand, you love Erin's idea of using an awning, but your own home style is a little less cozy cottage-inspired and more on the bold side, there are countless options available at a low price point. For under $60, you can nab a bold black or hunter's green awning with white scalloped trim from Amazon. Alternatively, if coastal chic is more your thing, opt for a blue and white striped awning from Amazon for around $86. 

Ultimately, not everyone can afford an arched porch — but as Erin Napier demonstrated on "Home Town," there are ways around it. If you're still dead set on the porch, you can always save up for one. The great thing is, awnings are super cost-effective in the meantime. Plus, while some "Home Town" viewers were underwhelmed, we're of the mind that they're incredibly charming.