The Dazzling Pool Noodle Hack That Will Light Up Your Outdoor Entertaining Space

Outdoor lighting is a great way to make your space visually appealing for guests and family members. If you love to entertain, lighting up your yard at night is a must. Unfortunately, many of the popular products displayed in outdoor spaces are pricey. Luckily, you can head to Dollar Tree to pick up most of the supplies you will need to craft a stunning outdoor lighting piece. To create this DIY, be sure to purchase three of Dollar Tree's Stainless Steel Solar Yard Light Stakes and one of its foam pool noodles.

You will also need a hot glue gun, paint, and a candle holder. Once you have gathered all of the necessary materials, you can put this lighting piece together in just a few simple steps. You can display it anywhere in your outdoor space or patio area that you see fit, so feel free to get creative. If you plan on buying outdoor furniture set that includes a table, you might even choose to use it as a centerpiece. Let's dive into how to create these entertaining essentials for your outdoor space.

How to build an affordable outdoor light with a pool noodle

As you can see in the Hometalk video, your first step is to mark your pool noodles and cut three pieces to the appropriate size. You will then paint the smaller pool noodle pieces to match the color of your candle holder. Although the pieces were painted black in the video, you might have a candle holder of a different color. Just be sure to purchase a paint color that matches the candle holder you select.

After painting the pool noodle pieces, you will use hot glue to attach them to the Dollar Tree yard light and then affix the light to the candle holder. This DIY project really is that simple. However, you can customize it further with just a bit of extra effort. For example, rather than using the same candle holder shown in the video, select an option that better suits your preferences.

To keep things affordable, purchase one from Dollar Tree instead. The store sells individual Stoneware Pillar Candle Pedestals that you can glue the yard lights onto. They come in black, just like the candle holder in the video. You could make multiple decorative lights with these and scatter them throughout your outdoor entertaining space. Dollar Tree also sells Tall Black Iron Candle Holders that would be great for those who would prefer to build decorative lights with a bit more height.