Turn Scrap Wood Into Cute DIY Garden Decor To Spruce Up Your Space

If you're looking for a smart way to use leftover wood scraps, you might consider making some unique DIY garden decor signs. Depending on the size of your scrap wood, you could make a sign decorated with rope and greenery and propped up against an exterior wall. If you'd rather hang the sign, you might also add metal hooks to the bottom for storage or to hang more decorations. Alternatively, try making several small signs, each attached to a thinner piece of wood, to stick in the ground. This would be a stylish option for labeling what's growing in your garden.

For a more decorative piece, you can also cut your scrap wood into shapes, such as flowers, to create gorgeous decorations to enhance your outdoor space. Depending on what you choose to do with your scrap wood, you may need a saw, wood stain, paint, rope or cord, or hot glue. For this project, you'll want to tailor the shape and size of your decoration to the scrap wood you already have available. These DIY garden ornaments will enhance your outdoor space and can be an easy project to beautify your garden.

Crafting a cute DIY garden sign with scrap wood

For those with thicker and larger pieces of scrap wood and who love the look of lettered signs, you could try the rope option. To start, stain or paint your wood a color that matches your garden's aesthetic, or leave it as is. You could also use sandpaper to distress the paint. Now, you can write a cute word, such as "sunshine," "garden," "spring," "love," or a similar word, with rope on your sign. Decorative nautical rope can be found at Dollar Tree to help make this project more budget-friendly, as well as jute cord if you'd prefer thinner rope. Decide how you'd like to orient your sign (vertically or horizontally), and write the first letter of your word in hot glue. Before the glue dries, press a piece of your rope into the shape of the letter, cutting off any excess. Repeat this with each letter.

You can now add small metal hooks to your vertical sign to hang faux greenery or florals, or use hooks and another piece of rope to secure a flower pot to the bottom for more stability. If you crafted a horizontal sign to put on an outdoor wall, consider placing a line of hooks across the bottom to hang more decor or garden tools. If you don't like the look of the rope words, you could paint your design onto your sign instead and just use rope to border the edges.

More ways to turn scrap wood into cute DIY garden decor

If you'd rather make more garden-centric signs, try creating several smaller, square or rectangular signs to label your fruits, vegetables, or flowers. You could sand, stain, or paint these signs as well, or just leave the wood for a more rustic look. The words can be etched or painted onto your signs, and you may also consider using stencils. To stick your signs in the ground, you'll need to attach a thinner, taller piece of scrap wood to the back of your sign with nails or possibly wood glue. If your signs are very small, you might consider putting several on one stake for a different aesthetic.

For those that want something a bit prettier, you can cut and shape your scrap wood into designs. This works best with thinner pieces of wood, such as plywood. To make a flower, you could trace and saw out several petal shapes as well as a circle for the center. Paint your pieces and use wood glue to attach them and form your design. This could be done with any image you'd like, such as a cute rabbit or another garden-themed design. No matter your choice, these signs are a great idea to spice up a boring garden and bring character to your outdoor space.