The Dollar Tree Picture Frame Hack That Makes A Clever Storage Solution

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If messy drawers are plaguing your house, you're not alone. From overflowing sock drawers to kitchen gadgets lacking organization, it can often feel impossible to straighten up your space. But a few Dollar Tree plastic frames can easily rectify this issue, working as DIY drawer dividers to organize your home. If that isn't reason enough to run out and purchase a handful of these affordable items, you can also use plastic frames to create makeshift cell phone holders for the inside of your cabinets. This allows you to pull up recipes while cooking but keeps your phone out of the way. You just need some double-sided sticky tape to keep them in place for both these DIY projects. 

These unconventional uses for plastic Dollar Tree frames keep these hacks super affordable. You can purchase them from Dollar Tree for $1.25 each, so you won't break the bank. Just remember to buy double-sided sticky tape while you're at it. Amazon sells a 10-foot by 4-inch roll for $5, giving you more than enough tape to straighten up a lot of drawer space. Just be sure to line your drawers with shelf paper first, as this works to prevent the tape from ruining your furniture's finish. You can buy a 10-foot roll on Amazon for $10, keeping this entire project at a reasonable budget. 

Create a picture frame shelf for your phone

The first thing you can do with plastic Dollar Tree picture frames is create a cell phone holder inside your cabinets. As @shannonskiptomylife explains in her YouTube channel, this allows you a place to safely keep your phone while cooking and scrolling for recipes without worrying about your electronics coming into contact with food. All you need to do is line the top and bottom of your plastic frame with double-sided sticky tape and attach it to the inside of your cabinet. Your frame's stand will be facing out, creating a perfect place to prop your cell phone. 

If you're worried your phone might slip off this plastic frame shelf, you can alter this hack to keep it in place. Take a pen and securely tape it to the end of your frame's stand. This way your phone won't slide forward and off your makeshift shelf. If you don't have a pen handy, a marker or a pencil will also work in a pinch. Besides providing your phone a stand while cooking, you can use this hack for hands-free convenience while cleaning or putting groceries away, keeping your phone off the counter. You can even use these shelves in other parts of your home, such as the bathroom or bedroom, so there's always a space for your phone. 

Organize drawers with picture frames

After creating phone storage in your cabinets, it's time to tidy up your belongings, especially if you need to organize your dresser drawers. Begin by lining your drawers with shelf liner, if you don't already have it installed. Next, place double-sided sticky tape on the bottom of your picture frames so as to prop them inside your drawers. Since these frames are 10 inches long, you can manipulate them to create a variety of cubbies inside each drawer. For example, you can place them vertically, separating clothes. If you have smaller items, such as wristlets, socks, or baby clothes to organize, you can section your drawers into smaller units to store these items. 

You can also use this hack in the bathroom or kitchen, tidying up your junk drawer or even organizing makeup drawers. You may even find that this hack helps you keep kitchen utensils in order, preventing them from turning into a jumbled mess in your drawers. If you have a garage in need of some organization, don't hesitate to use this hack out there, too, keeping tools neatly separated inside larger compartments. This Dollar Tree plastic picture frame hack is also ideal for home office or school supplies, working to keep every area of your home tidy. And if you decide you no longer need these frames for your drawers, you can repurpose them around your home to display photos!