Try This Pool Noodle Booster Hack For A Unique Cement Planter That Doubles As Decor

Planters can be costly, and if you love to give your faux leaf babies homes but don't always want to foot the bill, finding DIY solutions is a great way to add decor without breaking the bank. Pool noodle hacks for your yard or for houses with pets are just a few examples of what these versatile items can do, and it's wild how they can be easily transformed for a variety of crafts. Now, you can turn a pool noodle booster into a custom planter with a little cement and some spare time. The finished result is both aesthetically pleasing and simple to create.

Cement decor is popular thanks to the industrial chic design it adds to any space. Incorporating cement into your interior will produce a modern vibe that is easy to carry through in any room and can match almost any theme. This latest hack uses this popular material and, along with the booster's ridged edges, builds a chic accessory that offers both style and dimension. Ready to try it out? You only need to make a quick trip to your local hardware store and Dollar Tree. The ridged pool noodle booster is $1.25, and Home Depot's Quikrete is $10.28 for a 10-pound tub.

Cover the booster in concrete to create a stylish vase

Whether you enjoy crafting or just like the idea of an easy, decorative planter, once your supplies are assembled this project shouldn't take you long and could even be one of TikTok's more enjoyable DIYs. Just like any pool noodle hack, it's important to use caution when painting or adding other materials to them. Place the booster on a flat surface you don't mind getting dirty, throw on a pair of latex (or similar material that can get dirty and are disposable) gloves and mix your Quikrete. You can gauge how much you will need, but TikTokker Liz Fenwick used three scoops from a small plastic cup and added enough water to make a paste. Begin scooping out the mixture and generously adding it to the booster, using the extra to get into the ridges and divots. 

Use your fingers to ensure the Quikrete gets added everywhere so that when it dries, your planter doesn't have any blue peaking out, which could ruin the chic finish of the cement style. Don't forget to cover the top, bottom, and even add some of the mixture inside the booster so that it covers the foam as far down as people can see from different angles to produce a truly "planter" effect. Let the pool noodle dry, then add in fake foliage to complete your vase!