The Lemony Dollar Tree Wreath DIY That Will Add Some Zest To Your Front Door

Wreaths have a long history in the world of décor, and have been used as far back as the 7th century. The ancient Roman, Persian, and Greek civilizations all used wreaths to show status, celebrate, and even denote power. They were made of materials ranging from flora and fauna to fabrics, and have continued to be used in and around people's homes ever since. However, wreaths aren't relegated to the holiday season. These clever decorations are great for using throughout spring and summer, too, adding brightness and seasonal style wherever you hang them. The Dollar Tree lemon décor hack is one of many clever wreath alternatives that bring modern charm to your front door, especially because lemons thrive in warm weather, tropical, or hot climates and thus represent all that is summery. All you need are a few items from the store, and you can create a zesty arrangement that will suit your interior or exterior.

While their citrus smell is great for staging your home, using fake lemons as decoration can liven up any space with their bright yellow colors, which match beautifully with seasonal green flora and fauna. This DIY is also a great alternative to store-bought wreaths like this Pottery Barn creation, which costs over $200! Cheap, cheerful, and aesthetically pleasing, your Dollar Tree lemon wreath will be the envy of the neighborhood and won't break the bank, either.

Head to the Dollar Tree to get everything you need for your lemon wreath

As you plan your next trip to Dollar Tree, add the following items to your list. You'll want to get several sprigs of fauna like these 13" Floral Garden Fern and Spider Bushes, Crafters Twine, 9" Farmer's Square Artificial Fruit Branch Picks, the 10" Crafter's Square Wooden Bead Wreath, and any ribbon of your choice. Canvas, lace, or brightly colored ribbon that matches the yellow of the lemons will pull the seasonal vibe through even more. The lemons come in a bushel of other fake fruit and the website notes availability will vary. Fortunately, if you can't find the lemon branches in store, you can order a pack of 24 online. 

The additional fake fruits can be used to make other seasonal wreaths and in bouquets, so don't get rid of them just because they aren't necessary for this project. Start by taking the beaded wreath and laying it on a flat surface. Trim your greenery branches so that half an inch of stem remains below the leaves. Tie two of your trimmed branches together with floral wire, then trim away any greenery you don't want on your lemon branch before cutting off a little of that stem, too. This one you can leave longer, so that the lemon isn't too much shorter than the greenery pieces, as you want all of them to sit fairly even.

Trim, glue, and tie off your sprigs to secure them to your lemon wreath

Use some more wire to attach them near the bottom of the wreath. Then, using a hot glue gun, secure the bushels to the wood beads along the bottom portion of the circle. You can position these however you want, but by pointing the two bushel's stems towards each other, you'll have a center-point where you can add your ribbon. TikTok user @barefootandfreckled recommends cutting off at least 23" of ribbon. Fold each side over so they cross each other. Then, using your fingers, hold the center of the ribbon and tie the middle with twine to create a bow shape. You can add more than one bow to produce a fuller effect that plumps up your wreath, but it's entirely up to you.

By now your glue should have dried, but to secure the branches even more tie the bottoms with string around the wood wreath. Cut off another piece of twine to tie the ribbon onto the beads, trimming all the excess on each knot so it doesn't hang over or look messy. Your last length of string will become your hanger, so cut a long enough piece that your wreath can hang down from a hook or nail. You can also use this clever Christmas hack for a nail-free way to hang your wreath. Finally, display this citrusy décor inside or outside to enhance your warm weather vibes all year 'round.